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Christa Elisha: "All Aboard the Glory Train!"

Christa Elisha
Dec 3, 2021

From the Desk of Steve Shultz:

Steve ShultzI know many of our readers and viewers know that Christa Elisha is one to she is an upcoming prophetic voice in this generation.

This is a powerful word from Christa about God's glory coming upon the earth...and we've been posting words about His glory recently for a reason...He's preparing us for it!

Here's an excerpt that Christa shares from the Lord:

"Tell My people to rest and prepare for February of next year. The anniversary of My servant Bob Jones' passing into glory will be a signpost that the train of My glory will sweep the nation. Whosoever is willing to pay the price in My presence to prepare may have a ticket to ride. The Love Revolution has begun."

There is so much more in this word from God's heart...that He wants to do through you.

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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A Dream of Lou Engle and Intercessors

On October 14, I had a dream. In the dream, I was standing in a city square at night. Lou Engle (from The Send) was there, along with a group of his intercessors.

The Spirit of God was all over Lou as he rocked back and forth under the anointing. His intercessors circled around and held out a scroll. I knew that this was what they had all been faithfully contending for through prayer and fasting. With urgency and excitement, they began to share the message that was written on this scroll. I knew they were holding a prophecy that specifically had to do with the state of our nation: revival that would birth the new Jesus People Movement, and the ending of abortion. (Photo of Lou Engle)

They all began to share, in unison, the prophecy that was written on this scroll. I knew that this prophecy included not only myself, but other revivalists like me, as we are part of the storyline that will bring about the fulfillment of this word.

The Little Engine That Could

To my surprise, the prophecy was written like a song, so they began to praise God by singing the scroll. The song was reminiscent of the story of "The Little Engine That Could." It was about a movement that started small, but when it finally gained momentum, nothing could stop it. I knew that the train, along with its different boxcars, represented the 5-fold ministry gifts: apostles, prophets, evangelists, teachers and pastors. And the engine pulling the train was intercession.

I felt the weight of the awe and fear of the Lord as they finished. Behind my head, I began to sense the light of a new day dawning. That was the end of the dream.

The Intercession of the Saints Has Reached Critical Mass

While praying for the interpretation of this dream, I heard the Holy Spirit say: "The intercession of the saints has reached critical mass." When I asked what He meant, He invited me to come and see.

In the spirit, I was taken to the throne room. I saw the Father seated with the Son in all their glory. On either side of the throne were bowls that were being filled with fragrant smoke. This smoke was the prayers of the saints. I saw that the bowls were full and slightly spilling over. The Lord then began to share with me His pleasure in the contents of the bowls and the overflow. I knew, by the spirit, that the small outpourings of revival which we have been seeing across the nation in 2020 and 2021 were a result of these 'spills.'

The worship in the throne room became increasingly more intense, and I heard the saints and elders say: "Behold, the Lamb who takes away the sins of the world." Jesus arose from His throne, His robe drenched in Blood as He walked to the bowls. Then, with a boom of laughter from the Father, He tipped the bowls, emptying them back out on the earth below. I watched as Blood from Jesus' hands mixed with the intercession in the bowls and fell together like sweet-smelling fog and rain on the land.

Then I heard a decree from the creatures who worship the Lord day and night before the throne. In one voice, they said: "The time has come for the Son to receive the reward of His sufferings. The prayers for repentance, salvation and revival have been released. Behold, the Blood that never loses its power. The latter rain has come that is washing the sins of this generation white as snow. Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was and is and is to come; and holy, holy, holy is the Bride made ready for her Groom!" (Photo via Pixabay)

Who Will Go?

Then a warrior angel came forward and said, "Who shall go and tell the good news to this generation, that the forgiveness of sins has been made available, and that all mankind is welcome to come into the Kingdom of our God and Father? Who will forsake their life for His?"

I saw the eyes of the Lord begin to search the earth, looking for the firebrands whom He had touched with the coals from the altar of His presence. With a holy jealousy and zeal, I threw up my hand and shouted, "SEND ME! I'LL GO IF YOU GO WITH ME, LORD!"

A Harvest of Souls

The Father, with tenderness, chuckled: "Beloved, yes, you can go. But I will not send you alone. It will require the whole remnant to pull in this harvest of souls. I am releasing the burning ones far and wide so that all may hear the Good News!

"This will be the sign: There will no longer be a need to convince the world that a relationship with Me is good. If you must convince, then they are not ready for harvest. But the time is coming (and it is here) that when the Good News of the Kingdom is proclaimed—even in the most simple way—the power of its truth will bring the lost to salvation in droves. No longer will men see and say, 'Oh Lord, a trickle here and a trickle there.' No, they shall see a mighty flood of My Spirit poured out, just as in the days of Noah, when the heavens and the fountains of the deep were opened. The wells and the rain will be opened so that all may come and drink from Me and be satisfied.

Bob Jones and the Glory Train

"Tell My people to rest and prepare for February of next year. The anniversary of My servant Bob Jones' passing into glory will be a signpost that the train of My glory will sweep the nation. Whosoever is willing to pay the price in My presence to prepare may have a ticket to ride. The Love Revolution has begun."

Please understand that I am just a baby to the prophetic community. God has said so much through His prophets that I missed as a young adult while I was running from the Lord. After doing some research, you can imagine my surprise when I learned of a connection I had to Bob Jones. I gave my life entirely to Jesus on February 14, 2013, just one year before Bob Jones passed. Interestingly enough, through the years I have found myself smack dab in the center of a Bob Jones' prophecy that I didn't even know existed until after the fact. (Photo of Bob Jones)

I am overwhelmed with such gratitude for the generals of faith like Bob Jones, whom the Lord spoke through and whose words I liken to 'lamps' on the porches of houses in the Underground Railroad. They are beacons of encouragement along the path for my generation to discover, knowing we are going in the right direction to lead others into the freedom of knowing Christ.

To read an excerpt from Bob Jones' word about the "Glory Train," please click here. I feel strongly that it is for now, and like many prophetic words, it begins a cycle of preparation in the people it is meant for, until the time is right, the people are ready and it finally picks up momentum for complete fulfillment.

Can you hear the whistle blowing? It's time for all to board the Glory Train!

In the wild love of God,

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Christa Elisha
Arise Kingdom Ministries


Christa Elisha is the founder of Arise Kingdom Ministries, the Revival Rooms and W.I.L.D. (Walk In Love Demonstrated) Equipping. She is a vibrant apostolic revivalist that burns with passionate devotion to Jesus. She carries a strong anointing to invite others into the ecstatic bliss of knowing Christ for who He truly is: The only one who satisfies every need for every soul. It is out of this intimacy that Christa has been commissioned by God to baptize a generation in Holy Fire so that the Bride of Christ arises in purity and power to shake the gates, destroy Hell and radiate the splendor of the risen King, bringing glory to the Father. Christa walks in signs and wonders and prays that revival fire is sparked in each person she touches as her heart cries, "On Earth as it is in Heaven!"

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