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"Prophecy Decoders: God Has Already Released a New Strain of Healing"

Joseph Prince and The Elijah List   |   Apr 3, 2020

"Dutch Sheets Interviews Chuck Pierce About Coronavirus"

Dutch Sheets and Chuck Pierce   |   Apr 3, 2020

"God Says: Just Say YES, and I'll Do the Rest!"

Lana Vawser   |   Apr 2, 2020

"God Says: Call to Me and I Will Answer"

Jodie Hughes   |   Apr 2, 2020

"APRIL - Now the Father Says: The Healing Is in Your Hands"

Russ Walden   |   Apr 1, 2020

"Rise Up and Shine: A Decade of Great Harvest"

Che Ahn   |   Apr 1, 2020

"It's Your Time to Shine!"

John Belt   |   Apr 1, 2020

"We're at a New Threshold of Evangelism"

Mickey Freed   |   Mar 31, 2020

"It's Time for a Prayer Storm! Here's a One-Hour Prayer Guide"

James W. Goll   |   Mar 31, 2020

"This Year Will Be A True Passover - We Will Make It Through!"

Chuck D. Pierce   |   Mar 30, 2020

"When Preparation Meets Opportunity"

David Lebo   |   Mar 30, 2020

"Your Children Will Rise Up and Call You Blessed"

Jamie Rohrbaugh   |   Mar 30, 2020

"6 Keys to Being Anointed in Every Part of Your Ministry"

Helen Calder   |   Mar 29, 2020

"Obedience That Brings Provision"

Stephanie Claiborne   |   Mar 29, 2020

"How Jesus Is Reframing and Resetting Our Worldview"

Wayland Henderson   |   Mar 28, 2020

"3 Things God Is Doing for You Right Now: Reset, Rescue and Release"

Andrew Towe   |   Mar 28, 2020

"Rays of Hope for the Economy and Our Future"

Steven Springer   |   Mar 27, 2020

"To Those Who Overcome! The Time of Receiving the White Stone"

Jane Hamon   |   Mar 27, 2020

"From Panic to Praise: Recompense and Repayment Are Yours!"

Agnes Ebedi   |   Mar 26, 2020

"Even Now - Your Promotion Time Is Here!"

Candice Smithyman   |   Mar 26, 2020

"A Dream of Asia! Plus Heaven's Strategy to Defeat Coronavirus"

Ella Onakoya   |   Mar 25, 2020

"The Shaking That Leads to Upgrade!"

Jordan Bigler   |   Mar 25, 2020

"What Did Bob Jones Prophesy About the Coming Viruses?"

Bob and Bonnie Jones   |   Mar 24, 2020

"This Plague Will Passover - Trust in the Blood"

Jo Ellen Stevens   |   Mar 24, 2020

"The Great Shaking and the Harvest"

Adam F. Thompson   |   Mar 23, 2020

"Shawn Bolz Prophesies: Millions WON'T Die From COVID-19, the Economy Will Surge, and Revival Will Come"

Stephen Strang - Opinion   |   Mar 23, 2020

"Germany. Important - NOW Is the Time to OPEN THE HEAVENS Above You!"

Russ Walden   |   Mar 23, 2020

"A Message to the Praying Church"

Dutch Sheets   |   Mar 23, 2020

"This Supernatural Sound Can Break the Spirit of Fear"

Larry Sparks   |   Mar 22, 2020

"A Personal Testimony: Deliverance and the New Man"

Kathie Walters   |   Mar 22, 2020

"God Is Releasing a Pandemic of Miracles"

Kathi Pelton   |   Mar 21, 2020

"Renew Your Mind and the Kingdom Will Come: Having the Mind of God"

Bill Johnson   |   Mar 21, 2020

"Know Your Spiritual Authority!"

Cindy Jacobs   |   Mar 20, 2020

"This Shaking Is Not for Destruction, but for Transformation"

Arleen Westerhof   |   Mar 20, 2020

"The Lord Said to Me: Do You Know What Just Happened?"

Demontae Edmonds   |   Mar 20, 2020

"The Storm Is Here - But We Are Crossing Over!"

Johnny Enlow   |   Mar 19, 2020

"Coronavirus Updates, Perspectives, and What You Should Know"

Dr. Alveda King   |   Mar 19, 2020

"I Awoke to the Sound of the Shofar! What Was God Telling Me?"

Jan Jansen   |   Mar 18, 2020

"Urgent! Calling a 3-Day Global Fast to Stop the Coronavirus"

Lou Engle   |   Mar 18, 2020

"A Time to Pause: The Healer Is Here! (Plus a Word About Passover)"

Chuck D. Pierce   |   Mar 17, 2020

Steve Shultz: I'm SO encouraged; Despite CoronaVirus, Here's What God's Prophets are Saying

Steve Shultz   |   Mar 17, 2020

"A Time of Generational Prophetic Inheritance"

James W. Goll   |   Mar 17, 2020

"God's Hammer Is Coming Down to Smash the Enemy's Plans!"

Sharell Barrera   |   Mar 17, 2020

"The Decade of Roaring Lions and Lionesses"

John Veal   |   Mar 16, 2020

"Receive Your Ring of 'Greater to Come'!"

Kim Black   |   Mar 16, 2020

"Important Prophetic Bulletin"

Johnny Enlow   |   Mar 16, 2020

"God Is Calling This 'The Month of Move'"

Amie Rogers   |   Mar 15, 2020

"How Prophetic Prayer Releases Kingdom Promises"

Mark Virkler   |   Mar 15, 2020

"4 Ways to Hear God's Voice"

Jermaine and Rebecca Francis   |   Mar 14, 2020

"Receive From God and Light the Fire Again"

Elaine Tavolacci   |   Mar 14, 2020

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