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Nate Johnston: "A Prophetic Word for the 'Crashed' Feelers"

Nate Johnston, Colorado Springs, CO
Jun 25, 2024

Crashed Systems

Recently, while writing for my new book on spiritual intelligence, the Lord began to speak to me about feelers. And He said to me, "My feelers are coming into a whole new way of operating and a refresh, because the enemy has bombarded them for many years now, and it's CRASHED their systems." That was the term he used: "Crashed their systems."

In computing, a "crash" or a "system crash" occurs when a program, such as a software application or an operating system, stops functioning properly and exits. There are many reasons this happens, but these are some of the reasons that stood out to me:

1. It's not properly plugged into the power:Disconnected from the power of the Holy Spirit.

2. Overheating: Spiritual burnout.

3. Using new software with old hardware: You haven't allowed your mind/heart to catch up and heal from past seasons.

4. Mal-ware and viruses: External contamination of the enemy/flies in the ointment.

When I think of a crashed system, I think of a device that has been overloaded to the point of breaking, and then it crashes.

Spiritual Antennas

I think the Lord gave me that exact phrase to illustrate what has happened to the feelers in this last season. The enemy has amped up the noise against the Body of Christ, and it has effectively crashed the delicate systems of the feelers that are created and wired by God to be sensitive to what is happening in all realms of the earth, for that is their role. They are like the spiritual antennas of the Body of Christ. They pick up on the plans of the enemy and the plans of Heaven and are called to release the strategies to intercept them and to release the Kingdom of God in the earth. (Photo via Unsplash)

But what happens when feelers crash? What happens when we lose our warriors who are called to be on the front lines as our intel operatives in battle? We are no longer able to see or to pick up on the plans of the enemy in the way we once did, and it means that a whole battalion of prophetic snipers are no longer engaged in the fight.

So what happens exactly when a feeler's system crashes? They fall into a state of internal failure, condemnation, and then, often, even compromise. At the very least, they put down their antennas, pull the blankets over their heads, and disengage.

These highly sensitive people are called by God to perceive and pick up on the activity of the spiritual realm, but have fallen into complete disrepair mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

The Feelers Have Been Taken Out

For the last four years, I've sensed that the feelers have been under attack. The intercessors, the watchmen, the prophetic discerners—those who've been called to guard the Body of Christ, raise the alarm, and sound the trumpet—have been taken out. Culture has chased them down. Progressive Christianity has called them judgmental and religious, yet they're just wired for a unique purpose.

So as I've been writing this book, I felt the Lord say to intercede, speak into them, encourage them, call them out of that place of obscurity and call them into a brand new day and into an updated operating system.

Yes feelers, the Lord is updating and refreshing your internal wiring in this hour and resurrecting you in your true purpose and back to your original settings.

That's right, the Holy Spirit is refurbishing you deeply right now. Psalms 103:5 says, "[W]ho satisfies your desires with good things so that your youth is renewed like the eagle's."

You Are Coming into a Fresh Wind

If you're a feeler out there, I feel to release this prophetic decree over you today: No, it is not over. You've been through a rough season of continual warfare and bombardment on every side. You've been through a season where the noise has increased to a level that has crashed your system, and you've begun to run from your calling. You've been in a season where it's felt like you've been so soul-sick. You've been bombarded on every single side until you've fallen into complete despair.

But the Lord says over you today that you are coming into a fresh wind. You are coming into a fresh hour, "For even right now," the Lord says, "I am lifting the burden off your shoulders. Even right now, I am resetting your emotions. I'm resetting your mind. I'm resetting your spiritual DNA and makeup, and I'm bringing you back into realignment with my purposes and plans," says the Lord. (Photo via Unsplash)

"For you've not even seen your greatest days. Your greatest days are yet to come, and you are now stepping into them.

"Where the enemy sought to take you out, where the enemy sought to tell you that your best days were over and that you would never see the finished vision of what I gave you many years ago, now you are going to step into the finalization of those dreams that I gave you many years ago.

"What the enemy meant for harm, now I'm gonna turn for good. I'm about to bring you into a place of great effectiveness for My Kingdom.

"And you will rise up in the power of the Spirit and lead many others who've been crashed back into their best days with a fresh wind," says the Lord.

Hear Your Clarion Call to Return to Your Post

"For even now, I'm putting My Spirit upon you in a greater measure. Even right now, I'm beginning to restore the years that [the] locusts have eaten.

"And you will come back into the joy and the laughter that actually is the fuel for this anointing upon your life, that will see through the smoke screens of the enemy, and will expose the plans of the enemy and release My voice and strategy into the earth.

"Yes, you will foil the plans of the kingdom of darkness, for this is your design and your purpose.

"So today, this is your clarion call that you are coming out of your sick bed, and you're going to find your purpose again and function again.

"So look for the fresh vision I am going to give you; look for the dreams." The Lord says, "I am also going to rewire your brain where synapses have crashed and where trauma has created mental blockages that have overtaken your mind."

The Lord says, "I'm going to restore you. I'm going to restore that which has crashed. I'm right now refreshing and resetting your emotions, your mind, and your heart so you will stand back up on your feet and return to your post."


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Nate Johnston
Everyday Revivalists

Nate Johnston is a prophetic voice and worshiper who has a heart to see sons and daughters unleashed into passionate friendship with God and an effective supernatural lifestyle. Through his ministry school, "Everyday Revivalists," he leads people from the basics of the gospel through to being sent and released into their mission field, as well as championing and raising up emerging prophetic voices around the world. His burning cry and desire is to see the Body of Christ become a beacon for the lost by raising up a generation that walks in the love and power of God, representing Him well. Nate and his wife Christy have three daughters, Charlotte, Sophie, and Ava and live in Colorado Springs, CO.


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