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Donna Rigney: "Champions of Righteousness Will Be Restored!"

Donna Rigney, Bunnell, Florida
Mar 30, 2024


[Editor's note: Below are the notes that Donna Rigney shared from during a recent interview on Elijah Streams. We encourage you to read through them and watch the episode right here.]

Blessings for the Just and Judgment for the Corrupt

Recently, while watching the news, a shudder went through my being as I felt God's wrath toward Letitia James, the New York Attorney General who is fining Donald Trump $464 million for civil fraud. Boldly she declared that she would seize his property if he didn't pay it. As I watched, I felt very strongly that she needed to repent and stop this assault against Trump, or she would feel the wrath of God.

A few days later, on Thursday (March 21, 2024), while in my prayer time, Father explained what I was seeing and perceiving in the spirit about the wrath of God:

"You will only see with your eyes and watch from a distance what happens to those who refuse to repent and turn from their wicked ways.

"None of the punishments I release on this world will touch My faithful ones. As history repeats itself, My children will walk out of captivity carrying the wealth of the wicked, healed, whole, and happy; while those who were used to oppress Mine will reap all they have sown. Those who have sown to corruption from corruption will reap their rewards. Justice demands it!

"I warned those who attempted to harm Mine, 'Do not touch My anointed ones; do My prophets no harm' (Psalm 105:15). But they did not heed My warnings. You will see the wrath of an angry God displayed before you. A holy fear of God will spread all over this world. This fear will keep men's feet on the path of righteousness.

"When people lose those things that they hold dear, and some things that they even worshiped, they will know exactly what they did to heap My displeasure upon themselves. Conviction will fall on all! This will happen in all sectors of society: families, churches, organizations, businesses, governments, the media and entertainment industries... All will encounter the wrath of an angry Father!

"My discipline will be felt, and at the same time, My great rewards will be heaped on those who remained faithful and true to Us and to Our children. Angels will be released to implement these words and promises that I have spoken."

Here are some examples in Scripture of God's wrath manifested, and of His protection of His faithful ones:

• The Great Flood (Genesis 6–7)

• Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 19)

• The Babylonian captivity (Jeremiah 39)

• The Egyptian army drowning in the Red Sea (Exodus 15)

• Ananias and Sapphira (Acts 5:1–11)

• King Herod eaten by worms (Acts 12:21–23)

On March 20, 2024, Father spoke to me about what was coming to His faithful ones: "Many are the blessings I am getting ready to release worldwide on My beloved! Because My sons and daughters have blessed Me with their heartfelt devotion and loving obedience, they will reap abundance! Yes, abundant blessings will be pouring forth in harvest time. They have diligently sowed to righteousness, and they will reap the rewards of the just. The sick will be healed, the dead raised back to live full lives, the poor and destitute prospered, and the oppressed set free. While many are blessed, there will be those who are even promoted. From the shadows, they will be brought forward, where Our light will shine on them and through them. These will lead others out of darkness into the light, and will set many captives free.

"Great days are coming, because I am faithful to fulfill My promises. I said that 'if My people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from Heaven, and I will forgive their sin and heal their land' (2 Chronicles 7:14). Many worldwide have done just that; now you will see Me fulfill My part. I will heal their land, their lives, their families!

"In the past, I looked throughout the land to see if I could find any who would stand in the gap for their people and their nation, but I found none. Not so in this hour! I looked to see if I could find any who would stand in the gap for their land, and I found an army of dedicated warriors and faithful ones. Now I can move mightily, because this army has stood in the gap – not just for a few, but for this world.

"Yes, this will birth a worldwide revival that none can rival. My glory will spread all over the world, and My Spirit will be a mighty force that will expel evil and bring forth My goodness to manifest on and through My children. My will shall be done on Earth as it is in Heaven! (Photo via Wikipedia)

"Blessings will shower down on My faithful children. Many will join their ranks as they jealously see what their devoted God does for and through those who live for Him. Blessings will fall on the just, and judgment will be the portion of the corrupt liars.

"Daughter, there are many more who have followed the way of wickedness, so as you see blessings fall on the just, you will see punishment heaped on the wicked. This must happen because I am just!

"Just as in the days of Moses, when the plagues hit Egypt, those who served Me were kept safe in the land of Goshen. Not only were they protected from My just judgments on Egypt, but they were even blessed. The wealth of those who oppressed and stole from them was given to My children as they gained their freedom."

Confirming Scriptures:

"But on that day I will deal differently with the land of Goshen, where My people live; no swarms of flies will be there, so that you will know that I, the Lord, am in this land. I will make a distinction between My people and your people..." (Exodus 8:22–23).

"I looked for someone among them who would build up the wall and stand before Me in the gap..." (Ezekiel 22:30)

Those Imprisoned Unjustly Will Be Set Free!

On February 25, 2024, while sitting alone in my prayer time, I heard Father say, "My glory makes all you do for [the] love of Us easily accomplished, and even removes the obstacles. When the pillar of fire – My glory – led My people through the desert, they lacked for nothing, and not only were obstacles removed, but protection from their enemies was theirs as well.

"As you and your nations are covered in My glory, you too (like Israel when they were rescued from the rule of the wicked) will know provision, obstacles and hardships removed, and My protection from marauders.

"In the outpouring of My glory, the wealth of the wicked will be transferred to the just. Wickedness will be brought down, and I and Mine will be exalted! My will shall be done, and My ways will be followed. All this will happen when I pour out My glory on all mankind.

"Everything is made easy in My glory. All that is good and that which is My will shall easily occur. Righteous and rightful leaders (like Donald Trump, but not just Donald Trump) will be restored to their rightful positions. Those imprisoned unjustly will be set free. The falsely accused will be exonerated and vindicated. The guilty will not escape justice and judgment. My glorious presence will bring this to pass easily!

"Only unbelief, fueled by negative thoughts and words, kept My people from receiving the fullness of the benefits of My glory that led them out of slavery to the Promised Land and freedom. When My glory comes, everything will change. Let faith arise so that you don't miss out on all that We have planned to do for and through you all!"

Fire Will Fall from Heaven!

On March 4, 2024, Jesus declared, "Fresh fire from Heaven will fall very soon, and it will change the face of your nation. From wickedness to righteousness, from lying and deception to truthfulness and sincerity, very quickly will these changes come forth! My fire transforms overnight!

On March 9, 2024, Father spoke to me about His wonderful plan to change this world: "A glory invasion is being loosed upon your nation and throughout this world. With My goodness poured out on all flesh, I will transform this world! Tell My children that they are chosen to be vessels that will house and release My glory wherever We send them. Freely We have poured out Our best on them and freely they are to give Our best to those We bring before them. They are anointed glory carriers!"

As I sat before the Father, He gave me a picture of what it will look like when He pours out His glory on the whole world. I saw Jesus; He was enormous, and He held His arms out and wrapped them around the world. He drew it close to His heart, hugging the entire world. As He showed me this, He reminded me of the times when He'd used a hug, or He'd breathed life into those who were dead by the ministry of His friends. (Photo via Flickr)

I thought of Elijah and Elisha, who each had laid upon a dead child, held them close to their heart, and breathed upon them. Both young boys were raised back to life. In Acts 20:9, Scripture recounts the story of a young man who fell from a high window and died while the apostle Paul was preaching. Paul went over, held him in his arms, and hugged him, and the young man came back to life. Then I thought of creation. Father fashioned Adam out of dirt and breathed His life into Adam's nostrils. Adam came to life! Just His breath, just His hug, just His love poured out on mankind will transform us!

When He pours out His glory, lives will be restored, relationships healed, and bodies and souls miraculously transformed. We will be used like His prophets and apostles were to spread His glory and His Word, and to bring many souls into His Kingdom.

Confirming Scriptures: 1 Kings 17:17–23; 2 Kings 4:32–37; Acts 20:9.

On March 13, 2024, Father explained, "Glory will fall and will transform this entire world. It is My presence that brings great change – change that lasts!

"When My Son came to the world, He brought long lasting change. Salvation and deliverance came to My children, the gates of Heaven flung open, and the masses were allowed entry.

"In this hour, My glory explosion will bring a massive global harvest into My Kingdom. This change will be long lasting and have eternal consequences for the multitudes.

"It is happening! The great tsunami wave of My glory being poured out on this world has been launched. Daily, you will see ever-increasing glory manifest about you and through your lives. The lost will be drawn to Us by this outpouring of love."

Donald Trump and Champions of Righteousness Will Be Restored!

On March 17, 2024, Father spoke these encouraging words: "Good days are coming – lots of good days and good times for the righteous! Not so for the self-righteous or the corrupt; they will know My just judgments and will receive their just sentences, while the innocent are publicly vindicated. Many will be exposed in the days and hours ahead. Both the good will have their righteousness revealed for all to see and the wicked will have all their wicked deeds exposed. None will escape justice.

"Vindication is coming to Donald Trump and to all who have been falsely accused. Even those who have been imprisoned since January 6 will be exonerated, freed, and granted recompense. Those who knowingly falsely accused them will fall in the pit they dug for the innocent. Times are changing! By the outpouring of My Spirit this will happen. As I pour out My goodness, righteousness will be exposed, celebrated, and rewarded, while wickedness will be seen for what it is and deemed repulsive by the masses.

"Champions of righteousness will be celebrated, honored, and restored to their rightful positions. I speak of Donald Trump, but not only of him. There were many who had their seats of authority, in all seven mountains of influence, taken from them. Stripped of their rightful positions, not only did they lose their right to lead, but those whom they would have served lost the benefits that come to those who have righteous rulers.

"When My justice is poured out, not only will those who had their leadership positions stolen receive their just due, but so will those they were called and appointed by Us to lead. I say, the transfer of wealth will come to Our children during this outpouring of justice. All that was stolen must be restored sevenfold: freedom, finances, positions, homes, destiny, families, and reputations.

"There will be great celebrations in the streets as I bring forth justice by the outpouring of My glory! It will feel like Heaven is raining delightful gifts upon the children who have suffered much at the hands of those who served satan and his hoard of demons.

"My resurrection power is in My glory! All that the enemy killed will be raised back to life when I pour out My glory. Dead faith will be resurrected, as will love, life, joy, enjoyment in life, peace, and contentment! All that is good and produces full, happy lives will be raised back to life!"

Confirming Scriptures: Romans 8:11; Psalm 24.


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Donna Rigney
His Heart Ministries Int.


Donna Rigney and her husband Jack are pastors of His Heart Ministries Int. in North Central Florida. They host a Sunday evening service at the VFW Post at 47 Old Kings Road, Palm Coast, FL. Donna has written three powerful books. Two of her prophetic books, Divine Encounters and The Glory of God Revealed, detail her many riveting encounters with Jesus, where He took her in the spirit to Heaven and Hell. Donna's heart's desire is to impart all of her passion for a life of intimacy with the Holy Spirit and a hunger for the glory of God. Donna has appeared on Sid Roth's It's Supernatural, and has a prophetic show (Nuggets of Gold) that is on Rumble and Sid Roth's network, METV. She can also be seen on Elijah Streams and is a contributing prophetic voice on the Elijah List. She appears frequently on her YouTube channel, Donna Rigney Ministries.

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