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Arleen Westerhof: "EPC Word for 2023: Europe, You Are at a Pivotal Point in Your History!"

Arleen Westerhof, Dr. Sharon Stone and EPC
Feb 3, 2023

From the Desk of Steve Shultz:

Steve Shultz

I am very happy to bring to you, from my friends Dr. Arleen Westerhof and Dr. Sharon Stone, this word for EUROPE that is richer in prophetic content than any word for Europe I've ever heard.

These two prophets are co-founders of the European Prophetic Council and, as such, along with their council members, they have met and produced this joint word of the Lord specifically over many countries throughout Europe.

As I read this, I was struck with the fact that this is like a "five-course meal." It's almost difficult to read quickly, as every sentence is power-packed with prophetic instruction for the Church and over nations as a whole, and it includes words for other prophets, as well as church leaders in the Ekklesia of God.

Here are just a few snippets from this word for Europe:

"...You will have what you tolerate! Go on the offensive and use your authority to rule with territorial impact and influence...

"The political maps of Europe will be redrawn as countries dissolve old alliances and make new ones. Watch Russia, Iran, China, Taiwan [and] North Korea this year, but do not allow your heart to grow faint. I am with you. Don't deliberately partner with destruction by agreeing with the threat or by not praying. Your decrees can prevent regional wars becoming global..."

If I were you, I'd print this out for reading throughout the year. Please send this to all those, both in Europe and throughout the earth, who you know would appreciate what God is saying right now.

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Steve Shultz
Elijah List Publications

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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Intro from Dr. Arleen Westerhof:

The European Prophetic Council (EPC) met in November 2022 to prophesy and to share what we were hearing from the Lord for 2023. Two things that make Europe unique is the number of countries (more than 40) and the number of languages (24 official languages, with more than 200 being spoken across the continent). This is why some European prophets are less well known to the English-speaking world. This year's word is a compilation of submissions from both well-recognized and less-recognized prophetic voices across the continent. We want to make special mention of Rebecca Briggs, a talented English prophet, who worked with us in identifying the key themes for this year and the essence of what was said. –Dr. Arleen Westerhof [Editor's Note: For the full list of contributors and EPC's history, please see the bottom of this article.]

Update or Vacate! It Is a Pivotal Year

The Spirit of the Lord says: "Just as continent-shaking movements arose 100 years ago with communism, fascism and world wars, political movements are poised to seize power in your lands. There will be exhausting turnarounds of parties and leaders, with power struggles, surprising election results and factions splitting apart leadership teams and cabinets. I will expose deception and show you what is happening behind closed doors. You will have what you tolerate! Go on the offensive and use your authority to rule with territorial impact and influence.

"In the midst of crisis, operate in My power and strategy to bring deliverance and prevent demonic chaos. It's not time to escape but to dominate without fear of backlash. Discern when I am tearing down institutionalized hindrances to the move of My Spirit. I will expose toxic alignments for you to cut off and regraft you to partnerships of My choice. Learn to stand the discomfort of transition and don't return to familiar comforts. Be agents of change and not settlers into the status quo.

From Hidden Places to Battle Stations – Warriors, Take Your Place!

"The political maps of Europe will be redrawn as countries dissolve old alliances and make new ones. Watch Russia, Iran, China, Taiwan [and] North Korea this year, but do not allow your heart to grow faint. I am with you. Don't deliberately partner with destruction by agreeing with the threat or by not praying. Your decrees can prevent regional wars becoming global. Wage warfare in the spirit against the political spirit [that] the enemy is trying to hurl into the vacuum of leadership and national identity, and hold fast to Me to resist being pulled into polarized positions that head towards civil war. Refute war in the heavens which tries to disrupt global dissemination of the Gospel.

"Political Islam and the antichrist spirit will target Europe. Step into My greater authority against these and see angels of breakthrough activated with you. Wage warfare in the spirit against the spirit of religion and false ideologies by decreeing My promises over the land and raising up watchman prophets. Wage warfare in the spirit against disease, lack and death by establishing places of radical surrender to host My presence and raising prophets who know how to move in the supernatural. We can turn these attacks away! A network of safe houses for the persecuted Church will circle the globe. The underground Church will thrive in persecution as it's tested in the furnace of affliction.

In the Land of Goshen: "I Am Your Supernatural Protection and Provision"

"Do not look to politicians or financial planners, but seek My solutions of wisdom to confound the wise in the midst of global economic shaking. My provision is independent of the world's economy. Discern how and where to plant and, like Isaac, reap a supernatural harvest from surrender and intimacy. Remain in Me, put Me first on your agenda, and My supply will never run dry.

"Do not worry about being impoverished but trust Me, and I will not only meet your needs but also make you solution centers, supply lines and storehouses of provision for others in every city and town. You will have increased entrepreneurial capacity to open up Joseph-like provision (Genesis 41:48). This will move the Church from functioning on the fringe of society to becoming an essential service. It will release paradoxical, sustained peace and provision in the midst of scarcity to feed, clothe and shelter others across Europe.

"There is an urgency to get out of debt. A key instruction at this time is to feast and rule in the midst of your enemies. I am releasing a new revelation of the body and Blood of Christ through communion. This will be your protection and abundance. Your refuge is being in the center of My divine will.

Unoffendable Purity: Dying to Your Right to Be Right!

"I am not just the Lamb. I am [the] Lion and King, and I want My Ekklesia to be overcomers, strong and purified. Don't recoil from testing moments in everyday life. I will test your relationships, finances, family life, your unconditional love towards others and your obedience to Me. You cannot be effective in this new season without being tested. I will disable your self-reliance. I will kill rebellion and snap Europe's pride to restore holiness, awe, power and fresh authority. Human structures will tumble like a house of cards. Don't operate out of your own skill, gifting or intellect. Operate out of My Spirit. Prefer exposure of deception and public confession of sin to the loss of My presence.

"On your knees! I reveal My secrets to My trembling, reverent ones (Psalm 25:14). Restore the reverential fear of the Lord and trembling to your gatherings. Beware of trading consecration for convenience and holiness for entertainment. Don't wait to be humbled – it's a choice. Pull back the veil of corruption in your own lives and in the systems around you, including the Church. Root out the spirit of people pleasing and flattery. If you don't, you and your churches will wither into social clubs. I am threshing to bring forth righteous leaders. Don't dare restrain My power! I will save world leaders and even politicians you don't agree with, if you let My Word go through you unfiltered in purity. Where you once cried out to Me for romance, now cry out to Me for reverence also.

"This is not the season for compromise. I am putting a backbone into you to be an uncompromising Church. The institutional, inflexible church will falter and plummet, but My stripped-back, presence-driven Church will fly high. Prioritize My presence. A Church on its knees is stronger than an army on its feet. (Photo via Wikimedia Commons)

"You divided My Body, the Ekklesia, into camps for your own protection. However, I desire completion. Brothers and sisters around you will sharpen you with their different outlooks and expressions to move you into a Kingdom, and not a denominational, mindset. Where the Church has lost her cutting edge, I am ripping away the thick blanket of apathy and slumber so that My uncompromising warrior Bride can arise. Celebrity preachers will be measured by My plumbline. This is a holy movement of deep repentance and deliverance from sin. My furious love is testing your hidden heart, so don't look through the lens of the spirit of this age. I will confront you with your limitations so that you embrace humility and meekness with no need for human praise.

The Prophets – God's Divine Disruptors

"Prophets, unplug from the noise of your phones and the world. You need to hear Me afresh and receive a new fear of the Lord. Come up to a new level of revelation and increased supernatural authority. My angelic armies are fighting with you. An Ezekiel 1 movement (a new vision of the glory of the Lord) is now required. This will cause you to move and live in a different way. You will pioneer new movements.

"These prophets will be bold in the public glare and respected in the eyes of the world. They will displace witches, mediums and the 'wise ones' of the world. They will dispense My justice, direction and correction in complex situations before leaders, presidents and royalty. There will be a public recognition of prophets as never before. Signs and wonders will accompany My words spoken through them to awaken My Body.

"Make a clear sound, not just a noise. Don't pollute a holy moment with the noise of your unmet need for recognition or carry yesterday's message into your new season. Become weapons of war and threshing instruments in My hand. You will get what you tolerate; therefore, decide now what you will admit and what you will delay through prayer - to create space for My agenda.

"Prophetic councils in Europe will engage and back each other. If you choose your way, you'll birth Ishmaels from your work and not the fruit of My promises. Remove Ishmael structures, idols and practices in your lives and society to allow only things born of Me.

"Prophets will speak with wisdom to dispel confusion and injustice in all spheres, including government, law and finance. Cut down, address, correct; be courageous. As you do, you will shine in deep darkness. Defend My Kingdom, not yourself. Do not tolerate the spirit of Jezebel which seeks to lead astray into idolatry and immorality (Revelation 2:20). You will steward the welfare of nations beyond church walls, with signs and wonders accompanying.

"Jeremiah 1 prophets will enter into the call of public service with razor-sharp vision to uncover the enemy's schemes. They will see in the spirit maps and plans being hatched underground. Gather younger prophets; make room for them; lift them up; listen to the solutions they carry with fresh mantles. Prophets are an essential part of My plan for Europe.

"Prepare My people for extraordinary miracles. The frequency of open visions will increase with a new level of looking upward, interaction and the overlap of heavenly and earthly dimensions.

A Tsunami Flood, Awakening and Revival

"My Holy Spirit fire is coming like a tsunami flood to surge into every sphere of society in Europe. It will be unexpected, but the ones staying close to Me will see it coming and prepare. As in the days of Noah, I will destroy everything not built on My foundation: human structures, philosophies, false doctrine, etc. Young missionaries will be propelled into all the earth, especially Muslim countries. Passion and fire will be the trademarks of this new reformation. Evangelistic events and tents will sweep Europe, and stadiums [will] begin to fill. Lifestyle evangelism will become normal.

"Keep your eyes open; keep your heart right. I'm the God who keeps His covenant, and I have not forgotten Europe. The great commission is being restored in churches to teach, train and mobilize people to reach the lost. You will see signs, wonders and miracles in direct correlation to your level of consecration. Be so well-oiled by My anointing that no compromise can hold you. I will birth hope out of chaos and discomfort.

"History is Mine. The enemy has no power to change My timings or My purposes. Let go of borders and barriers in the spirit to My glory. This new movement will be founded on new apostle/prophet partnerships. Prodigals will be freed, saved, delivered and matured rapidly. They will think outside the box. The clarity of the Gospel will shine amidst confusion. Old structures will not and cannot hold the new wave of My Spirit. Where the enemy's work masquerades as Mine, discern it. Stay close to Me and continue in My work. This movement of the Holy Spirit will be unstoppable as a raging fire (Acts 5:38-39)." (Photo via Rawpixel)

Books Are Open for the Healing of Nations (Words of the Lord for European Countries):

The Netherlands: "The muzzle is off the prophets to speak with boldness. I am giving you spiritual engineering technology to lay down the roadway for others to tread. Pioneer My glory, wonders and power in Europe."

Belgium: "Will you be a stumbling block or living stones? Brussels, declare My praise and rid yourself of deception, slander and counterfeit relationships."

France: "Awaken your prophets to awaken the Bride. 'Vive la revolution!' Glory will rain down among the Body of Christ as love for Me is awakened. There will be [a] Watergate-style crisis and exposure behind closed doors in the political arena, and [a] battle for freedom of speech in gender and identity issues. Church in France and Germany, rise to build a bridge to counter the enemy's political wedge between you."

Germany: "Be the hotbed of great awakening. Pioneer, host and lead. I will wipe away the shame and stigma of the past. Prophets, break the chains of the past and emerge like Lazarus. I will restore marriage and family in the place of identity confusion. Innovation and technology breakthroughs in cancer cures will emerge. You are a theological pillar, and there is great trust among churches on your borders. Church, be a hammer in My hand to smash hindrances and build."

Switzerland: "A second reformation in Geneva will release what was stopped historically, with mass deliverance during adversity with a youth revival. Let Me heal you of economic lust and shift you from entrenchment to advancement."

Denmark: "Judgment is coming against government corruption, and the end of Leviathan rule is imminent."

Finland: "Forerunner of the North, you have a watchman anointing. Deal with the spirit of Nimrod, with mocking rebellion and religious pride. I have placed companies of prophets in strategic cities. There will be sudden changes in government and education as people with fresh anointing move into new positions. Protect your borders with praise."

Nordic nations: "A pipeline, networks and shared resources will connect you. Enlarge your sail to catch the wind of the Spirit again. It's make or break for churches. Break religious mindsets with mantles of praise."

Spain and Portugal: "Lead a new revival for Latin countries. Send young missionaries into Muslim countries with a new wave of the Spirit. Arise, forerunner prophets, and embrace new exploration of revelation of the mysteries of God."

Italy: "Your loneliness in crisis is over. Join in the great move of God in Europe. The battle for your soul is intensifying. Churches, unite against the extremist trying to steer Italy from her destiny. Create healing masterpieces of artistry."

Greece: "You will be a living, vibrant, passionate Church in a dry, parched land, with influence in the Middle and Far East."

United Kingdom: "Buyback of financial inheritance. An Ezekiel 1 seer movement will arise with [a] restored Levite anointing for houses of adoration, and prophets will lead the new move. There is fresh anointing for mission and apostolic sending."

Baltics: "Decree a reversal of barrenness and release abundance and fruitfulness to people and the land."

Balkans: "Release abundant agricultural supply, bumper harvest increasing GDP and hidden precious metals discovery."

Poland and Romania: "You will produce abundant wheat and harvest to feed other nations."

The Catholic charismatic revival: "There will be healing and mass deliverance that will be offensive to some."

The EPC's History and Contributors:

The EPC was started in 2017 with the aim of raising the profile and understanding of the prophetic ministry across the continent. We also wanted to help Europe's prophets by creating a safe place for them to prophesy and to be championed. Our first annual gathering took place in 2018, and since then, the level of accuracy, confidence and authority in the prophetic has skyrocketed. Europe's prophets are now well and truly out of the caves that they were in! Before the end of 2023, Dr. Sharon and I have committed ourselves to making sure that each European nation knows who their prophets are and where they can access prophetic training in their own language. Where these trainings do not yet exist, we will help to develop them. We also want to assist nations that who do not yet have their own national prophetic councils to start one.

The contributors to this year's word were: Rev. Betty King (England), Emma Stark (Scotland), Bjarki Clausen (Iceland), Reggie Ocampo (Germany), Corinne de Groot (Netherlands), Preethy Kurian (England), Xavier Molinari (France), Rob Cates (England), Urska Zagar (Slovenia), Pernille Liland (Denmark), Helene Nordboe (Sweden), Elba Lopez (Spain), Barry Ogden (Albania), Catherine Paris (Switzerland), Walter van Wijk (Netherlands), Steve Tebb (England), Line Banner Nyggjagard (Faroe Islands), Andrea Richter (Germany), John Engel (Netherlands), Leslie van der Smissen (Belgium), Steve Pailthorpe (England), Barbara Jenkinson (Scotland), Floortje Boer (Netherlands), Johanna Tunturipuro (Finland), Mary Finn (Ireland), Christiane Hammer (Germany), Onkar Hunjan (England), Debbie Jorritsma (Netherlands), Simon Baddeley (England), Rebecca Briggs (England), Dr. Sharon Stone (England) and Dr. Arleen Westerhof (Netherlands).


"During the days of Jesus, Ekklesia (the Greek word translated into English as 'Church') was not religious in nature or connotation. In fact, by the time Jesus first uttered the word in the Gospel of Matthew, it had been in use for centuries in both the Greek and the Roman empires and referred to a secular institution operating in the marketplace in a governmental capacity." (Ed Silvoso, Ekklesia: Rediscovering God's Instrument for Global Transformation, p. 19.)

In this document we use the words "Church" and "Ekklesia" interchangeably, since the Church was always meant to be the Ekklesia – present in every sphere of influence, including belief.

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Dr. Arleen Westerhof
Founder and Facilitator, Netherlands Prophetic Council


Dr. Arleen Westerhof is the lead pastor of the God's Embassy Church in Amsterdam together with her husband Dick. She is a prophet, an author and an international speaker. Her passion is to help people learn to prophesy with accuracy and authority into every sphere of society to see transformation come. She does this through her Living In Your Destiny Schools of the Prophets, and her English and Dutch language prophetic mentoring communities. She is also the founder and facilitator of the Netherlands Prophetic Council, she co-leads the European Prophetic Council together with Dr. Sharon Stone, and she is a member of the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders. Arleen is the author of the book "IMPACT. Prophesy and Change the World," and you can find her "Weekly Word of Prophetic Encouragement" videos on her YouTube channel, Arleen Westerhof.

Dr. Sharon Stone
Christian International Europe


Dr. Sharon Stone has pioneered Christian International in Europe over 24 years. She is referred to affectionately as "Europe's prophet." As a passionate apostolic/prophetic minister, she is being used to gather, equip and mobilize many to develop new Kingdom paradigms and a supernatural lifestyle. Over the last four decades, Dr. Sharon has planted and overseen the pioneering of many churches and ministries with current wineskins, and with a heart to transform their territories. She is known for her accurate, prophetic gifting revelation which assists nations, cities, churches and individuals in partnering with God's timely purposes.

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