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Scott Allen: "Jesus Said, 'This Is an Invitation to the Age to Come'"

Scott Allen
Oct 28, 2022

Intro from Johnny Enlow:

Steve Shultz It is my pleasure to introduce and recommend Scott Allen. We have known Scott and his wife Karen for many years, as they were also a part of our church back when we pastored in Atlanta, GA.

Scott and Karen have been tremendous supporters of God's purposes for Israel and have served many years in ministry in that capacity. They have also been quite awake and aware to all that God is exposing at this time, so Scott's seer gift has been sharpened by all he is able to see. Scott and Karen have been tested and refined by intense fire and their faithfulness to God has been heroic. They are seasoned and tried. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

Johnny + Elizabeth Enlow

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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While praying recently, I heard the Lord say, "Remember that vision I gave you years ago about the powers of the age to come?"

I answered, "Yes, Lord."

He replied, "The powers of the age to come are in the huge wave of My Spirit that is upon you. Start walking toward My wave...and ask Me for them. It would be good for you to share this with others."

Yes, Lord! I have been waiting for the right time to release this word. Here it goes...

Basking in the Light of His Glory

I went prayer walking the other evening and spent some time with the Lord just praising Him and loving on Him. I was getting ready to go inside when I heard the Lord say, "Why don't you walk a little more?" I could sense I was about to be blessed with something, and suddenly I was caught up in a vision.

I saw myself sitting on something that looked like either the earth with no atmosphere or maybe the moon. The stars and space were so clear – like you could reach out and touch everything... I was just out there, suspended in the creation of the universe!

I was sitting on a rock looking upward. I could see my face looking toward the "sunlight," just basking... I had my eyes closed with a pleasant grin on my face, soaking in the Father and saying in my spirit, "Ohhh, Father!" Then I noticed, to my left, Jesus was sitting on a rock too – doing the same thing! We both sat there with our faces looking up into the light, gazing at His glory and the glory of His creation, saying together, "Ohhh, Father!" (Photo via Graphicstock)

Then Jesus began to speak to me as we sat there with our eyes closed looking upward.

Only Believe

"This is what My Father and I did together while I was on the earth – when I would get time alone with Him and spend time like this. We would go over the day and just spend time together, and He would let Me know some of the things I had experienced and known in Heaven, just to reassure Me of who I am. And I knew I came to earth to die; I didn't know when or where or how, I just had to take life on this earth one day at a time with My Father."

Jesus continued, "There were times [when] we would sit like this and He would say, 'I want to show you how to do the impossible, and how to take ordinary things on the earth and do something extraordinary.'

"He showed Me how to walk on water. He showed Me how to pass through crowds, heal the sick, cast out devils, rebuke storms, and command nature. He showed Me how to turn water into wine...all kinds of things like that. It was just amazing! And He would always say, "Only believe," after He taught Me what to do. And you know, some of the things that are quoted of Me in Scripture are actual verbatim quotes of what My Father said to Me during those times [when] I was alone with Him and He was teaching Me."

Invitation to the Age to Come

Then Jesus suddenly had something in His hand that He wanted to give me. It was a square manila envelope... like an invitation. He handed it to me and motioned for me to open it up; it wasn't sealed. I opened it up and sure enough, there was a beautiful paper invitation on the inside that was manila as well – very nice. On the front, in beautiful black letters, it said, "The Age To Come," and then those letters turned to glistening gold! I knew it was from the golden age of the Millennium.

I opened the invitation up and it was blank. Then Jesus said, "This is an invitation to the age to come. I am going to show you things that My people will be able to do in the Millennium that will be common then, but no one has done them yet, or very few have. I am going to show you and others in Me how to do them."

Suddenly, I saw a vision of myself and others levitating, then flying, then disappearing one place and reappearing in another, like Jesus did after His resurrection. I saw us doing all kinds of things like that. (Photo via Piqsels)

The Lord said, "These will be commonplace in the age to come, but I am going to teach you how to do these here – now! They will be available to you. And know this: When you see one of these envelopes, know that I am about to teach you how to take something ordinary on the earth and do something extraordinary, to demonstrate who your Father is." Then He disappeared and so did the envelope. I said, "Oh my goodness!" And then I remembered His words, "Only believe."

The vision gradually faded, and I was stunned that He would offer this! I thought, "Lord, why are You doing this?" Then I heard Jesus say, "I have saved My best wine for last." And I knew that the last day Church is going to have the supernatural ability to do things that the first century Church never experienced...and it will be from the age to come because it's the beginning of the restoration of all things (Acts 3:21).

This invitation is for all of us – now! I hear the Lord saying, "Put your name on it and it shall be yours."


Lord, we thank You for this personal invitation and for the mighty wave of Your Spirit that is upon us! We walk toward it and we ask You now for the powers of the age to come that are in it! WE BELIEVE! In Jesus' name, amen!

What a time to be alive!

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Scott Allen

Scott Allen is a prophetic intercessor, writer, teacher and leader who loves prayer walking with God. Years ago, he asked, "What's on Your mind, Holy Spirit?" and his life was changed forever. Visions began to flow, fueling prayer and prophecy to activate Heaven invading Earth. Scott and his wife Karen have given their "yes" to Jesus for many years, taking Scott (as an officer in the Air Force) and Karen all over America; then to China, Brazil and many times to Israel. Scott served on the Georgia State Leadership Team of Christians United for Israel, and currently serves on the board of Reflections of Trinity, a growing, local nonprofit that feeds the poor. The Allens live in Kennesaw, Georgia, raised three sons and now cheer-lead seven grandchildren.

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