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Barry Wunsch: "America the Beautiful - It's Go Time!"

Barry Wunsch
Oct 13, 2022

From the Desks of Steve Shultz and Julie A. Smith:

Steve Shultz Canadian Prophet Barry Wunsch really needs no introduction...and we know our viewers on Elijah Streams love him greatly as well.

So many of our brothers and sisters up north are impacted by the prophetic words and prayers he releases to them and to the nations. We are grateful for Barry, his family and his ministry!

On Tuesday, October 11th, we had Barry Wunsch on Elijah Streams and we highly encourage you to watch it right here.

Below are the "notes" Barry gave us for his program. When we have our guests' notes in article form, from time to time, we like to release them on the Elijah List as well.

We'll let you get to reading this amazing word, but here's just a piece of it:

"Do not fear the days ahead as things unfold, for I am exposing all to unveil My glory – My resurrection life – throughout the nations. For I am the God of justice, righteousness and redemption. As you turn to Me and away from every wicked way, I will hear your prayers and heal your land!"

God is unfolding many things, and we will continue to see His exposure and justice rolled out...through the nations.

Steve ShultzLet's all be praying into this word from Prophet Barry God is honoring and hearing our prayers! (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

In Christ,

Steve Shultz and Julie A. Smith, Co-Editors
Elijah List Publications

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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It's "Go Time"!

Prophetic word received on October 5, 2022:

I was taken into an open vision where I saw Donald Trump being moved quickly into a helicopter by a group of security guys. Something big was going down and they had to get him moving and moving fast. I saw that there had been a critical event where they had to get him to a safe and secure place for what needed to be done.

This was a moment that all had waited for. There was no stopping it from here. Although it felt like a crisis moment, this team was prepared and ready for what they had to do. This was not a dress rehearsal. It was go time.

I watched as jets filled the sky in a full-on scramble. This was much larger than the United States of America. This was going to affect the nations henceforth. All that was at play would soon be clearly seen.

I saw Joe Biden carrying a briefcase that fell right open, releasing documents and evidence on the ground. As the wind blew, these papers were caught up in a whirlwind and blown into the airwaves for all to see and hear. There would be no denying this. History was being written right before our eyes.

There were those who would try to defend or dismiss what had just been released, but try as they might, it would be impossible to hide or spin this. Every attempt they made to do so made them look worse, and the hole they were digging got bigger.

As I watched, I saw this wind – this Holy Spirit wind – hit the January 6th committee hearing. It blew so hard that the voices of the accusers could not be heard as they brought false accusations to Roger Stone and Donald Trump.

The wind took the documents on the desks and, in the same way, strew them across the air and destroyed them in front of all the world. Vindication was approaching. You could see the dust on the horizon as the hosts of Heaven came in to do what they do best: the Lord's bidding, bringing truth, righteousness and justice for America the beautiful.

Word for Florida: I watched as the state of Florida turned into a golden key that would be used to unlock the nation. The enemy will not prevail in any way with what has tried to destroy in Florida. Florida shall be stronger than ever, more unified than ever and more powerful than ever. Florida, you have paid a great price for this nation and the destiny of this country, and as you rebuild, great shall be your reward!

Holy is the word of the Lord.

Do Not Fear the Days Ahead as Things Unfold

Prophetic word received on October 10, 2022:

I awoke with the strong presence of the Lord in my room this morning, and as soon as I did, He spoke to me:

"Barry, tell My people that in these days there will be wars and there will be rumors of wars. Barry, tell My people this should not come as a surprise. Let Me remind you again; let Me refresh your memory, for as surely as the sun rises in the East and sets in the West, so shall the Son of Man be lifted up in every nation. It will be father against son, brother against brother, neighbor against neighbor.

"And as always, there are those who just won't believe; but that doesn't make it so. For in My loving mercy, I have told you time and time again, yet many continue to mock Me and mock My ways. Do as you may but rest assured, everyone shall pay an account one way or another. It is My desire that no one perish but all would have everlasting life.

"For you are in the days of the Great Awakening. The harvest is at hand. I will give shelter and salvation to those who call upon My name. I will lead them and I will guide them and all that they need shall be theirs. For all of Heaven and Earth has groaned for the days that are upon you. (Photo via Unsplash)

"Are My prophets perfect? Certainly not. But I have brought them forth in this hour. I have called them by name. They are called to lead in this hour, and lead they shall, despite all Hell coming at them! I have released the fear of the Lord upon My prophets in this hour. The fear of man they shall know not, for it is unto Me that they shall hold account. It is I that will hold their feet to the fire!

"There is nothing new under the sun, so know this – hear it from Me: Where there is the real, there will be the false. There is no doubt about that. For in this day, I will bring renewed discernment to My people. And by the end, I will sift it all out. There is no exemption for this office.

"So, do not be deceived and do not lose heart, for I am a good Father that cannot lie. My word will not be silenced! Nor will I be mocked! Watch and pray over My word. Hold it up before Me as in the days of old. Call unto Me for I hear your prayers. Listen for My whispers in your heart, for My word is a lamp unto your feet and a light unto your path! Draw near unto Me while I can be found and I will lead you all of your days.

"Do not fear the days ahead as things unfold, for I am exposing all to unveil My glory – My resurrection life – throughout the nations. For I am the God of justice, righteousness and redemption. As you turn to Me and away from every wicked way, I will hear your prayers and heal your land!"

Holy is the word of the Lord.

Warning for Shepherds and Leaders: Is It Your Altar, or Mine?

Prophetic word/encounter received on September 16, 2022:

I had a supernatural dream and encounter where I was taken into a church and into a board meeting; but it was more of a business meeting to run the show rather than to care for people and shepherd them like the way it was supposed to be. Jesus walked into the room and cut through the 'plastic' and into the heart in a moment, not mincing words. He did not say much, but what He did say was very pointed and undergirded with love.

"Is it your altar, or Mine? Is it your Church, or Mine? Did you lay down your life and shed your blood for My children and their redemption? They are My children – not yours. Have you forgotten where you came from?

"You permit and insist on playing dirty, hurtful political games – jealousy, envy, gossip and backbiting abounding over [you] and behind [you], backstabbing and inflicting those I brought for you to care for and to shepherd. Why do you use them like a commodity to build your own kingdom?

"You get close enough to get your hands in their pockets to build your own kingdom. You grease them with fake words of affection to get them to perform for you. You run from accountability – out the side door at the end of the show so they can't get close – hiding away in silos...not as the family I have called you to be. You don't have boundaries, you have walls. There is no love in that.

"Why is it a one-way street only going your way...holding your distance with intention? Why are you hurting the very ones that you have been entrusted to care for, shredding and rejecting them with your words, actions and apathetic indifference? Carefully consider your ways. Carefully weigh your accounts and actions.

"If you are stubborn and continue in your ways, you will have no fire on your altar and your favor shall be diminished; and you will be like a barren woman, and what you have will be taken away as swiftly as it came.

"So, listen closely on this day and hear My word and weigh it before Me and your flock. Render your heart before Me today and hear My plea; turn back to Me and my ways, for there will be a great reward, or a great price to be paid. For I have called you for far more than this. Do you not perceive it?

"You have asked for My fire, and it surely is here to burn away everything that impairs you from coming into your destiny. The choice is yours." (Photo via Unsplash)

Holy is the word of the Lord.

God's Spirit Pouring Into the First Nations

Prophetic word received on October 10, 2022:

I heard a war drum. I heard the call to gather. I heard the drum reverberate throughout the land. This was a call to gather that had never been released like it was on this day. I saw it resound through reserves. I saw it resound through cities and towns and onto the waters; every shoreline, every island and every mountain top. I watched as this frequency touched all of creation. Wildlife stopped to listen to the call and the sound being released. I watched as bears, eagles, deer, moose, elk and other birds and animals stopped and turned, fixed on the call.

I was taken to the drum; it was in a meadow where I saw a warrior angel dressed in First Nations regalia sitting at it. As he played, I watched angelic hosts come in from the North, the South, the East and the West. These angels looked fierce, like nothing I have ever seen! I would not want to come against them!

They circled the drum in the middle of the meadow, dancing and worshiping the Lord God Almighty. As they gathered and the sound grew, the Spirit of God was released across the nations.

Then the slumbering giant began to stir! I saw this giant that had been sleeping in the mountains begin to awaken as the sound stirred its spirit. The giant was soon wide awake and had rubbed the sleep out of its eyes; it was refreshed and its feet were ready to go!

As it stood up, I saw that it was adorned in royal First Nations regalia with a chief's headdress and war bonnet on its head. As he rose and lifted his hands to the Father in response, it was not long before he was on his knees. I watched as the Spirit of God was poured into the First Nations. There was a supernatural encounter by the Spirit of God that was pouring out healing deep inside this First Nations giant – healing, deliverance and restoration. It was incredible.

The giant was frozen in this time of outpouring, with oil saturating every inch of it! The regalia was so drenched in holy oil, it ran off onto the ground where this First Nations giant stood; and every step it made, the oil was spread across the land.

"Behold, one and all, the release and the awaking of the First Nations are upon you! Behold them and the gift they are unto the Body! For there is a movement being released upon the land with power and authority that will destroy every bondage that has kept the nations bound.

"Watch as they take their place! Watch as governments and legislators shake apart as this sleeping giant awakes! Watch as regions come to life! Watch as I redeem all that the enemy has stolen! This is the day that you have been waiting for! Restore! Restore! Restore!"

Holy is the word of the Lord.

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Barry Wunsch
The Canadian Hammer

Facebook Ministry Page: Click here

Barry Wunsch is a Canadian prophet and businessman. He has a father's heart and a love for family and community, bringing words of hope, restoration and healing to many. Barry has a deep love for Canada and the heart of a reformer. He is part of the Frontline Church in Sylvan Lake, Alberta, Canada, a prophetic community who have gathered the Ecclesia for 20 years, hosting some of Canada's largest prophetic gatherings. Barry brings words for individuals and regions and is a prophetic voice for Canada throughout social media. He ministers prophetically in meetings locally and regionally across Canada. Barry was born and raised in Central Alberta, and is currently residing in Red Deer. He is married to Judy and is the proud father of two adult sons.

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