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Dr. Sandie Freed: "God Says: Let the Word Work for You!"

Dr. Sandie Freed
Aug 27, 2021

From the Desk of Steve Shultz:

Steve Shultz

Sandie Freed has written many articles for the Elijah List over the years...there is so much wisdom coming out of her to teach us many things.

This is a very good word that the Lord recently spoke to her as she was praying for healing: "Let the Word Work for You!"

In this article she is very vulnerable and shares from her own life experiences. Sandie asks us this question:

"...what do you hang onto when you don't feel you have the energy to quote the promises of healing, pray the prayers of faith for healing or agree with the prophecies concerning your future?"

I will leave it at that and let you read this powerful word from Sandie Freed for yourself. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)



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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
The Elijah List & Breaking Christian News


One of my favorite biblical characters is Abraham. I can relate to someone who received a word, a promise from God, and then went through the process of waiting for the fulfillment of that word. I can especially identify with someone who tried to make the promise come to pass through his own, human effort! Ishmael was the result of that. And, even though none of us desires to birth an Ishmael, many of us have. Why is that?

Well, let me back up a bit and share my own story. Several weeks ago, my husband Mickey and I both tested positive for the virus. We had remained healthy and free of the virus up until then. Though our friends, church and many intercessors were praying, the process of healing took time.

I was in bed one morning and lifted up a prayer. I remember asking the Lord, "What did I do wrong to get in this place?" And, "What can I do now to get out from this place and be healed?" I was strongly focused on myself as if I somehow caused this illness (opened the door to the spirit of infirmity) and that it was up to me to be healed.

Now, please understand that I cut my teeth on faith messages. And as a result, I teach on our need to speak words of faith concerning our circumstances. I am an author of over fourteen books, and in each book you can read my life's journey and how God literally resurrected me several times from near death situations.

My heart, while writing, doing webinars and pastoring our church in Hurst, Texas, is to empower others to be overcomers and live in victory through faith in God. Whether the empowerment comes from my books, teachings or prayers, I know that the Word of God is powerful, and His Word contains healing, deliverance and breakthrough. But, what do you hang onto when you don't feel you have the energy to quote the promises of healing, pray the prayers of faith for healing or agree with the prophecies concerning your future?

Since I didn't have the energy to do my normal spiritual warfare – my "fist-fight/shout-my-hair-down dance" (a term we used in my past Pentecostal worship and dance) – or to yell so loud it scares off the devil, I lay there and prayed in my mind. The reality was this: I could not fight this thing in my own strength. The battle was truly the Lord's. It was only after that revelation set in that I heard the Lord say, "Sandie, let the Word work for you!"

Moving from Glory to Glory

Wow! When I heard the Lord speak those few profound words, "Let the Word work for you," I repeated those words in my mind over and over – each time allowing the words to take deeper root. I must have meditated on what He had said for at least thirty minutes.

Now, please understand that I had heard Him say those exact words at an earlier time in my life; in fact, I have taught on that subject before. But that day, at that very moment, the words carried glory. Yes, when I heard them, it was as if a mantle fell upon me and covered me. I now realize that it was the glory of God that covered me, and the words were carrying the "weightiness" of His glory and power. I also knew that those exact words, "Let the Word work for you," would be instrumental for me in the days ahead.

Dear one, stay with me. There is more to share. God wants each of us to arise and shine with His glory and power (see Isaiah 60).

The word "glory" in the Old Testament is the Hebrew word "kabod." The Hebrew word which is used for glory in the Old Testament has the simple meaning of "heaviness" or "weight." It was used in everyday speech to express the worth of a person, but also the importance of an instruction and the power behind that instruction. For instance, when a king gave a command or instruction there was a "weightiness" behind that instruction. (Photo via Flickr)

In my situation, the words given to me at that time carried the weight of glory from the Father, but also His divine empowerment came with it to fulfill it! Adhering to His word, the weightiness and the glory attached to that word, releases the divine enablement to do as instructed. God loves us so much that when He speaks, He also releases His power and His glory for us to fulfill those words.

Scripture is clear that we move from faith to faith, strength to strength and glory to glory. It would take several pages to explain this passage, but for now I want to emphasize the importance of embracing certain words of instruction that carry "weight," because those weighty words will empower us to move into a greater level of glory!

Establishing His Kingdom Through Rest

I am a person who enjoys completing a project, checking off the boxes, crossing through the to-do lists. In short, let me just put it out there – I can easily get ahead of God. Like Abraham, I did it my way. I'm sure that many of you can relate to the inability to trust in what God has promised and wait for it. Patience is not my virtue, but every one of us must have this to fully experience the higher levels of glory.

The children of Israel hardened their hearts toward God because they would not trust Him. Their journey was difficult; their faith was challenged and they disliked their leaders. God used a wilderness to test their hearts, and as a result of their rebellion, they died in the wilderness. The original crew that left Egypt all died in the desert save Joshua and Caleb.

Take some time to read Hebrews 3:15-4:1. In this passage you will understand the importance of trusting the promises of God. It is clear in these Scriptures that we need to enter into His rest and trust in the words from God. In other words, the Israelites should have "let His Word work for them" and rested in what He promised them! And, reading in Hebrews 3:15, He says, "...Today, if you would hear His voice and when you hear it, do not harden your hearts..." It exhorts us (today) to enter that rest and experience it so that we will not fall or perish like Israel did in the wilderness. Believer, this is your "TODAY"!

Rest in What God Has Promised You

God releases words to us that are unfulfilled – invisible at the time. He, Himself, was invisible and then became visible only to become invisible again. Yet, He wants us to trust, obey and believe what we cannot see.

Unfortunately, whenever we believe that God doesn't hear us, care for us or fulfill His word to us, we will reach out with our own hands, our own strength and attempt to make it happen. Will we be impatient during those "invisible" seasons and attempt to work everything out with our own hands? Abraham was the patriarch of faith, and yet, he attempted to fulfill a promise through his own flesh. We can all birth an Ismael...and maybe some of us have. However, this is a new season. We are moving to a new level of glory.

Believers, rest in what God has already promised you. Does this mean we are not to go to war over our promises? Well, faith IS warfare! Speaking the Word and believing the Word is warfare. Paul told Timothy in 1 Timothy 1:18 to war over his promises (prophecies). However, our warfare is always from a place of rest...knowing that if God promised it, He will do it. That is rest.

Let the Word fight for you. Let the Word go to work for you. Speak the Word and let that Word, originally spoken by God, go forth and accomplish what God has promised. He told Jeremiah that He would watch over His words and see them fulfilled. God is promising the very same for you today. (Photo via Unsplash)

Although I have recovered from the virus (Mickey also!), I have realized that the revelation I am sharing now is a revelation that will stick! God spoke it to me and now I want to share it with you. Let this understanding carry you through ANY season; sickness, loss, hopelessness, despair, financial stress, heartache, etc.

I am convinced that many of us are being lied to by the enemy concerning the fulfillment of our destinies. I would like to recommend one of my books to you that will empower you in this season: Silencing the Accuser: Eight Lies Satan Uses Against Christians (order through the Elijah List). This book will remind you of the victory that Christ won for you at the Cross. If you are battling different lies from the enemy, it is a must read. Actually, each one of us is targeted by lies, and this book narrows it down to simple truths that help you replace lies with God's Word.

Arise – Shine!

It's time to arise and shine, precious saints! God's glory will mantle you for your new season. Trust Him and trust His words concerning your future. He is a good God and He is a God that does not lie! He will do for you what He did for Jeremiah. If you remember, Jeremiah had all types of excuses concerning his abilities to be used by God. In a way, Jeremiah was disappointed in himself and it was difficult to believe what God was promising him. However, God touched his mouth and put His words in Jeremiah's mouth. Then God promised to protect Jeremiah in his mission.

The word "touch" in this passage (Jeremiah 1:9) is a Hebrew word (naga) that literally means to touch someone, but it also implies striking with a violent emotion. Wow! God was striking the enemy in this case – releasing a violent blow against the accuser that was lying to Jeremiah concerning his true identity. Jeremiah saw himself as too young, unable to speak well and unable to do what God requested. But, God released a violent blow against that lie, and then God said this: "What do you see, Jeremiah?" (Jeremiah 1:11). Jeremiah replied that he saw the branch of an almond tree. The almond tree is the first tree to bloom in a new season. What Jeremiah was seeing was his new season! Then the Lord told Jeremiah this: "You have seen correctly, for I am watching to see that My word is fulfilled" (Jeremiah 1:12).

Believer, I want you to see your new season! God is promising to strike the enemy of your past that lied to you and affected your faith. God is your victor. He will fight for you. Let the Word do your warfare!


Please allow me to pray for you:

Father God, You are our Maker. You know everything about us. You are aware of what we are each going through today. I ask, Holy Spirit, that You would touch each person reading this article and that You'd minister LIFE to each of them today. Like Jeremiah, many of us have doubted our callings and destinies. Some of us have even doubted our ability to defeat the enemy. However, You have promised to be our victor in every situation. Just as You touched Jeremiah, I am asking for You to touch every reader. Touch them and shift them into their new season.

Today, we choose to let Your Word work for us. We remove ourselves from striving in our own strength. We choose to not be entangled with legalism or religious (dead) works but rather to be led by the Spirit of Life.

We trust You, Lord, to watch over Your Word and fulfill it. In Jesus' name, amen.

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Sandie Freed
Sandie Freed Ministries
Website: |

Dr. Sandie Freed is an apostolic, prophetic leader, author of more than 14 books, and travels nationally and internationally preaching, teaching, and ministering the Word of God. Ordained as a prophet by Bishop Bill Hamon, Sandie's ministry involves a strong prophetic anointing and spiritual discernment. Her unique gifting is in dreams and visions, and as a modern-day Joseph, she empowers others to interpret God's voice through dreams and visions. Sandie's goal is to always equip the Body of Christ in their callings and empower them through revelation of the love of God. To this day, her best selling book is Breaking the Threefold Demonic Cord: How to Discern and Defeat the Lies of Jezebel, Athaliah and Delilah, which has been taught around the world and is printed in many different languages. Sandie and her husband Mickey co-pastor Lifegate Church in Hurst, Texas.

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