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Wanda Alger: "Return of the Prodigals: The Father Will Get His Reward!"

Wanda Alger
Jun 26, 2021

From the Desk of Steve Shultz:

Steve ShultzMore than any other time during my life, I'm looking forward, with great anticipation, to the return of the Prodigals to the Lord.

But we are taught by the Lord, and through this word, to beware of the "older brother syndrome" of jealousy for the lavish GRACE that will be heaped upon His once-rebellious sons and daughters.

As these prodigals suddenly repent and are instantly restored, and highly promoted, can we trust ourselves not to feel jealousy, or at least not to have that feeling that says, "Hey, I was here all along, Lord, and I didn't abandon You. Why are these returning ones being treated as heroes of the faith?"

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
The Elijah List & Breaking Christian News


"Return of the Prodigals: The Father Will Get His Reward!"

Wanda Alger, Winchester, VA

Heavenly Father is going after His prodigals! He has let them go after the world for their determined time, knowing there would come that divine moment of awakening and return.

Knowing the willfulness of His sons and daughters, He has allowed some to go after their flesh to pursue their counterfeit dreams and personal ambitions. And yet, He has known their time is coming to an end. Knowing their journey would take them to the bottom, He has allowed the painful process to complete its work. Wanting them to be fully convinced of the destructive nature of the flesh, He has given them latitude in their rebellion. Not wanting them to ever return to their wasted wishes and senseless wanderings, He has given them the needed time for their moment of full awakening to love. Wanting their hearts more than their submission, He has been drawing them back, slowly but surely.

The Father's Reward Is Just Around the Corner!

The time of their homecoming is just around the corner! Those who have believed a lie are soon to awaken to the truth! Many prodigals are now coming to the end of themselves and realizing the emptiness of their ways. The Father has been joyfully anticipating this time, when those He has held in His heart will soon be held in His embrace! This is His reward – to see those destined for great things return home to claim their rightful place and goodly inheritance. This is His joy and His crown – to see His prodigals fully redeemed and walking in their true identity.

Not only are prodigals returning to families of origin; rebels are emerging from unexpected places to find their place in the Father's house. He is about to welcome many who once set themselves against His house, for their awakening to truth will be dramatic and deep. Seeing the dark side of their follies, these prodigals are awakening to a higher Truth and running for divine cover. Once strangers to realms of the Kingdom, these new converts will come with open hearts and inquisitive minds. Many will be surprised to see whom the Father has been working on and waiting for. Some once-thought enemies will have a seat at the family table and it will bring the Father great joy. (Photo via Flickr)

Guard Against the Spirit of the Older Brother & Rejoice with the Father!

But, guard your hearts. You who have been faithfully following the Father's words and serving without compromise, guard your hearts lest you embrace the spirit of the older brother who was filled with jealousy at the return of his derelict sibling. Guard your heart lest you rob your Father of His just reward of restoration and transformation.

Even now, religious zealots are pointing fingers at those whom Heaven is giving favor and access. In both the Church and the public square, the spirit of the older brother is poisoning the well with arrows of accusation. There are politicians and preachers alike who are falling prey to this sin of the heart that resents the Father's mercy and disdains those He chooses to celebrate. Do not allow the Father's grace to be infected with jealousy and pride. Rejoice in those whom the Spirit has been drawing, for the Father is determined to bring all His prodigals home.

The Father has known the heart of each of His sons and daughters. He alone has known the path they must take in order to find their way home. Trust Him in this and determine to rejoice with the prodigals who are about to return. Rather than focusing on all they have squandered, fix your eyes on the Father's amazing grace. What has been lost in the natural will be a faint memory as the goodness of a lavish Father is about to be poured out on His entire household. Prepare, for a great celebration is about to commence!

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Wanda Alger

Wanda Alger has been a field correspondent with Intercessors for America, is a recognized fivefold prophetic minister, speaker, and is the author of several books including Prayer That Sparks National Revival and Moving from Sword to Scepter: Ruling Through Prayer as the Ekklesia of God. She and her husband founded Crossroads Community Church in 1998 where her husband serves as lead pastor. Follow her blog at

Wanda Alger's Itinerary:

June 26, 2021
One-Day Women's Conference: "Becoming God's Woman of Power and Authority"
Crossroads Community Church

August 20-21, 2021
Prophetic Mentoring Weekend with Wanda Alger
Crossroads Community Church
1147 Berryville Ave, Winchester, VA 22601

September 12-14, 2021
Christ Community Church
1217 Slate Hill Road, Camp Hill, PA 17011
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