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Anita Alexander: "The Lord Is Stacking the Deck & Dealing the Cards - in Your Favor"

Anita Alexander
Nov 4, 2020

From the Desk of Steve Shultz:

Steve ShultzI once had a conversation with an older saint, who loved the Lord, of course, but had no real concept of His love for her.

I felt bad for her, and when I tried to explain to her what He accomplished on the Cross – explaining that it was like rescuing a drowning woman, except the rescuer was an expert and flawless Life Saver – she said, "That isn't fair; it is stacking the deck," she protested.

"Exactly," I said!

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
The Elijah List & Breaking Christian News


"The Lord Is Stacking the Deck & Dealing the Cards - in Your Favor"

Anita Alexander, Gold Coast, Australia

Recently, while praying into a situation for the Lord's righteous justice to be released, I saw a deck of cards. I saw the enemy had "stacked the deck." I immediately had the picture of my youngest daughter who, as a result of losing on most occasions to her older siblings in card games (especially UNO), which always left her feeling completely defeated, she decided to "stack the deck." While they weren't looking, during her turn to deal, she would deal herself all the trump cards (like the draw 4s, wild cards, pick up 2s, etc). Obviously this resulted in many family "discussions" on cheating.

This is the dictionary's definition ( of the term "stack the deck": To cheat or to fix something so a desired outcome is achieved. An example of stack the deck is when you slip an extra few aces into the playing cards that you deal yourself.

Other definitions include:

To be against someone or something.

To arrange something in a manner that either someone will gain a wrong disadvantage or a person would get an unfair advantage.

To be deceitful in achieving a goal.

To influence the results in an unfair manner by way of making arrangements to specifically do so. (

I understood, through this picture, that the Lord was conveying a message regarding the enemy seeking to "rig" outcomes unjustly, in various areas of gates of possession. The enemy is seeking his own advantage, in many areas where Believers and nations currently stand, to further His cause – which is to kill, steal and destroy. BUT GOD! (Photo via Unsplash)

Turnaround Where the Deck Has Been Stacked Against You!

I then saw the deck violently ripped out of the hands of the enemy, before he was about to deal the deck, and the LORD began to shuffle the deck! He put the cards in the order that were according to HIS just and right "dealing." Get ready, I believe this is the release of the Lord's justice in this season.

Many have felt the winds of opposition rage against them in their pursuit of their God-given mandates and dreams. And it has felt like everywhere you turn the "deck has been stacked against you."

The definition of the term "stack the deck (against) (someone or something)" is:

To make arrangements that result in an unfair advantage over someone or something. (Likened to fixing a deck of playing cards in one's favor during a game.)

To arrange things against someone or something. (Originally from card playing; stacking the deck is to cheat by arranging the cards to be dealt out to one's advantage.) (

Dealing Out Plays of Triumph

I'm sure this sounds familiar to a lot of you. The enemy has sought to frustrate and hinder many of your forward movements by seeking to rig your outcome. He has been placing obstacles, difficult people, lies, accusations, attacks of infirmity, etc. to hinder your triumph. BUT GOD!

The Lord is shuffling the deck to bring about a turnaround. He is about to deal out to each person according to His righteous dealings. Where you were going to get a dud hand, the Lord says, "I will deal out plays of triumph." For those who have already felt like their hand has been dealt unjustly in situations and circumstances, or feeling that they have been dealt a dud hand in life, the Lord says, "I am going to turn what the enemy meant for evil for your good." (Photo via Unsplash)

For the Lord says, "Watch and see. Even though it has appeared that the enemy has triumphed against you in days and years past, I am about to deliver My justice. Regarding those trump cards the enemy seems to be playing against you, I will cause confusion in his ranks and he will play them out of timing, showing his hand, and he will play his own hand to his own demise."

So, look not at your "bad hand" and worry if you could ever recover or make it. The Lord says, "Watch Me turn this loss into victory; this pain into joy; this failure and robbery into honor and recompense! For in this hour, I AM RESHUFFLING and I am turning things for My people's good. I am dealing a fair hand and this hand is a hand of triumph for My people. You shall surely shout, 'The Lord has triumphed gloriously, the horse and rider have been thrown into the sea!' (see Exodus 15:21)."

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Anita Alexander
Revival Flame Ministries


Motivated by an intense love for the Body of Christ, Anita Alexander's passion and compassion is to see the Church forsake religion and tradition, awaken to the Father's love, and arise and walk in the overcoming identity as sons and daughters of the Kingdom. Anita and her husband Dr. Sasha Alexander travel nationally and internationally ministering in revival fire that brings resurrection life, healing and awakening to the Body of Christ. Together, their passion is to impart, raise up and release a generation of sons and daughters who manifest the glorious victory of the finished work of the Cross. They are co-founders and senior ministers of Revival Flame Ministries, Golden City Church, and Kingdom Academy School of the Spirit Ministry Training School in Gold Coast, Australia.

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