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"Our Assignment: Rescue the Youth from Satanic Strongholds"

Ella Onakoya
Jun 1, 2020

From the Desk of Steve Shultz:

Steve ShultzElla Onakoya is a friend of ours...and she is a joy to be around. You cannot get around Ella without evangelizing along with her.

We also interviewed her on our Elijah Streams TV show which airs this week and you can watch it right here. As much joy as she portrays, Ella had a rough upbringing and suffered abuse and severe bullying in her youth. Believe me...this episode is life-changing and please share it with everyone you know as it will bring great healing!

Now, I want you to read this amazing new article from Ella as she recently had a profound dream for the youth of our generation.

Our youth needs our prayers, encouragement and support more than ever as God is raising them up to do mighty works for this generation. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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The enemy is on a mission to lay waste the destinies of a future generation of deliverers. From biblical times, the strategy of the enemy has been to stop the rising of these deliverers, including Christ the Messiah. Moses and Jesus were examples of those whose destinies the enemy tried to stop from being fulfilled by trying to kill them from birth.

Never has there been such a time where the younger generation has been earmarked for destruction through gang warfare, drugs and certain satanic rituals. Some of these practices were more apparent before the current lockdown, when it seemed almost daily that we heard reports of kids been killed in gang warfare. Now that the pandemic lockdown is gradually being lifted in nations, we must pray against the resurgence of the onslaught of demonic attacks and murders against our younger generation.

An Urgent Prophetic Dream of Deliverance

I had a very vivid dream where I appeared in a big house. Inside this big house, evil men were being sent to carry out the genocide of children born into royalty, but before they had attained their full royal status. Before I got there, unfortunately, some kids had already been killed, but there were other kids in other parts of the house who happily carried on playing, unaware of the terrible genocide going on in the house.

The house was heavily barricaded, with gates in the front and back, and they were locked so that none of the kids would escape while this terrible genocide went on. I realized I had an assignment to bring the kids out to safety. I gathered all the kids together with a plan to get them out through the back gate. I prayed in my heart that the killers at the front gates would not see what I was planning to do.

The back gate that was securely locked was then supernaturally opened by men, who I believed to be angels, so I was able to get the kids out that way. It was then that I told them their lives were in danger and they were about to be killed and we needed to make haste to escape the vicinity, as far as we could, so that the killers would not find us.

As we walked and ran, it seemed that we passed through towns to escape. One of the kids became exhausted and thirsty so I gave him water from a little cup I was carrying, which refreshed him.

Fueled with spiritual adrenaline, I kept guiding and leading the exhausted kids through towns and cities until we got to a rest house where I felt the kids could safely rest. I put them to sleep in their beds where they finally seemed happy and at peace. Then I woke up.

Dream Interpretation and Its Significance to the Church

My mission in the dream represents the Body of Christ that the Lord is awakening or sending to rescue the younger generation, their future and their destiny from the stronghold of destruction. (Photo via Mountain Home AF)

Heaven's revealed strategy for the rescue mission:

• There must be sustained, relentless intercession to plunder and overtake the camp of the enemy and recover the souls of these young ones! There must be sustained prayer warfare for the safety of the younger generation, until we see the number of gang killings and sexual slavery significantly drop or completely stop.

• There must be evangelism to bring reconciliation between the younger generation and God.

• There is a need for those who will take up the mission of discipleship; a mission that will see spiritual mothers and fathers disciple those who have been evangelized into the Kingdom. As these generations have sustained many scars and wounds from being abandoned orphans, they need a healing ministry from these fathers and mothers.

• There is a need for missionaries and law enforcement agents who will be stirred up by God's Spirit to rescue the younger generations who are in strongholds of sexual slavery and captivity.

In the dream, some of the kids who played innocently in other parts of the house were barricaded in by locked gates while others were being systematically killed through a genocide. These barricades represent a cocoon of deception and lies of the enemy that enclose some of the younger generation, making them unaware of the danger they are in. Some of them are bound in sin and lies of material pleasure gained from drugs and sinful lifestyles. They seem content to stay in a cocoon of life without Christ.

In England and New York, especially, before the lockdown, there were numerous stories of teenage gangs been killed by rival gangs (although this happens in many other nations too). Up until their murder, they had enjoyed the money they made from selling drugs. In England, I remember seeing a story of an innocent looking 14-year-old boy who, with a smile, displayed the wads of cash he made from selling drugs for his leaders. In the next few months, he had been ambushed and brutally killed by a member of a rival gang.

These stories are too numerous to count, but what is clear is that Heaven has long looked on the horror taking place in various strongholds of the enemy, where the future of the younger generations – the potential army of God's revivalists – are being ruthlessly extinguished by the enemy. There is an agenda of the enemy to stop these young ones from entering their full royal status in the Kingdom!

Others bound in the cocoon of these heinous strongholds are children enclosed in prisons of the most diabolical sex trade, where their innocence and future are been traded for sexual depravity, prostitution and an eternity of separation from the Lord. Others are children been ritualistically sacrificed by satanic warlords. But fearless and anointed deliverers will be sent to rescue these young ones.

In Scripture Heaven always sends deliverers. Today He is sending you. (Photo via Unsplash)

How are we sent to save this generation?

Through prayer and intercession,
Through evangelism,
Through discipleship by mothers and fathers of the faith,
Through the Word and infilling of the Holy Spirit.

A Way of Escape, Prayers and Angelic Intervention

In the dream, the back gate was miraculously opened and I succeeded in my mission of getting the kids out. As I did this, I prayed simultaneously that the enemy will not have eyes to see what was going on with this rescue mission. In the same way, we, as God's army of rescuers, must pray for the gates, which are holding the younger generation captive to the enemy's lies and destruction, to be opened. We can also pray for angelic assignments to miraculously get them out of dangerous situations.

My successful rescue of the children from the strongholds in the dream meant initial salvation from various situations – sin, sexual slavery, satanic bondage and other painful issues the youth are facing today. However, even though they were out of those strongholds, the enemy of their souls was still out to get them back into slavery by relentlessly pursuing them with temptations to fall back into sin, prostitution, drugs, a gang lifestyle, pornography and many other dangers.

Just as I was relentless in getting the children away from all that pursued them to steal their destiny in Christ, so also must we be relentless in our prayers, so that when they are saved, Christ is formed in them (Galatians 4:19), the power of addiction and temptation is broken in their lives, and their destiny is fulfilled in Christ. A resource that could help with this healing and deliverance process is my book "Empowered by the Anointing: The Release of the Isaiah 61 Generation."

Living Waters and the Secret Place

In the dream, I gave a cup of water to an exhausted child who was tired of running. We must be full of living water and the Word so that we can continuously feed rivers of living water and Spirit-filled words to those that have been rescued from the enemy's camp, who are now in our care and in our churches. When they are exhausted and still battling addictions and temptations, it's God's living water within us that will refresh and strengthen them.

At the end of the dream, they were finally safe in a house where they did not need to run anymore. This was their secret place in God, where they had rest in the abode of God's mercy, power and healing; a place of training for a future release into royalty and the army of God. This is the heart of God! There is a battle, to be won, on behalf of these future generations of God's holy army – against the terrible satanic warlords, who are on assignment to wipe out their lives and destinies.

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Ella Onakoya
Harvest of the Nations


Ella Onakoya is the founder of Harvest of the Nations. She is an evangelist, a prophetic watchman and an author. She preaches a message of revival and awakening in various churches and conferences in the UK, Europe, America, Africa and Asia. She also teaches at equipping schools where she trains and equips the Body of Christ. She often ministers as a prophetic speaker to release God's heart and voice to churches, communities and nations. God releases salvation, miracles, prophetic encouragement and various moves of the Holy Spirit where she ministers. For further information about her ministry please visit

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