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"Don't Miss Your Invitation to the Deep Right Now!"

Lana Vawser
May 4, 2020

From the Desk of Steve Shultz:

Steve ShultzWe've heard from many prophetic voices that this is a season to spend much needed time with the Lord!

It's in this time that He will equip you and anoint you for every good work ahead. It's a time to be refreshed and rested up for the new thing He is doing in your life.

With that...I want you to read this fresh revelation from Lana Vawser that she just received from the Lord. Let's not miss out on His invitation to us in this hour. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
The Elijah List & Breaking Christian News


I have had quite a number of encounters with the Lord over the last month that are the deepest I have ever had and each one has had three very distinct themes.

1. This is a HOLY moment.
2. This is NOT a time to be BUSY.
3. There is VERY significant impartation containing DETAILED revelation from the Lord's heart of what's to come and His wisdom.

Invitation to the Deep

There is a very deep invitation that is available right now. The Lord wants to share His secrets and His wisdom on a level that we have NEVER walked in, but these secrets and deep wisdom are only being entrusted to those who are truly after Him and His heart alone. He's extending this wisdom to those that minister to Him first and foremost.

I had a dream recently where the Lord showed me that this invitation, which is being extended right now, is found in the DEEP and HIDDEN places. In this dream, at the bottom of the ocean floor was a door. This door represented the very deep places; like the ancient paths described in Jeremiah 6:16 and the narrow gate in Matthew 7:13. This invitation was the place of going deep into that hidden place to FIND HIM and His heart.

I got the very strong sense that even though this door is available to many people, not all will find it. It is found by those who aren't promoting their own names, their own ministries, their own agendas to glorify themselves and walk in pride; it is found by the HUMBLE. It is found by those who are truly seeking the heart of Jesus and KNOW HIM; those whose "YES" to Him is their greatest priority.

What also struck me in this dream was that in this place we are not 'seen' by others, we are only seen by Him. It's a deep place in Him. In order to go to the depth and find this door of invitation, a dying to 'needing to be seen' has to take place. It's an invitation to a place of joy that is found in knowing that you are seen and loved by the One who is your greatest love. (Photo via Piqsels)

I cannot adequately describe in words the DEPTH of His heart, wisdom and revelation that I felt being released – it actually took my breath away! There are no words for the depth that we are being invited into. This is a deep, deep time of maturing and being schooled by Him, and being taken deeper into the revelation of His Word. It's a time to be in the Word, and deep in the Word, more than ever.

"Busy Building"

The Lord showed me that right now there is a very real danger for many people to miss this door and impartation that the Lord is releasing, because they are "busy building." I heard those words SO loudly – "BUSY BUILDING."

This is important to note. I want to explain this; the Lord is speaking about a spiritual busyness. We are called to be about what the Father directs, but we are not to be spiritually busy in order to just build our own platforms or do our own thing. This is a time to be be positioned to LISTEN and to not be spiritually busy 'building.'

Right now, in this SELAH moment that the Lord has given us, the Church, as a gift, it is a time to build with the Lord, but it is not a time to 'get busy.' It is a time to be still and LISTEN.

The Holy Hush

Recently, the Lord spoke so clearly to me:

"There is a holy hush that I am inviting My people into. Be still, be silent and listen to what I am saying. Don't rush to release My revelation or parade My revelation, for there is precious, deep, intricate revelation I am releasing to those positioned to minister to Me first. Listen more than you speak right now."

Over the last week or so, I have had many encounters with the Lord where He has shown me that as we come out of the SELAH moment, He is going to be looking upon those in the Church who have really leaned in and listened to the Lord; those who have taken the time to "come away," "come aside" and really encounter His heart and hear what the Spirit is saying about what is to come; those positioned to carry the wisdom NEEDED and REQUIRED to navigate the new days we have entered.

The Lord showed me that in this invitation, in His wisdom and Word, He is releasing DEEP DETAILS of what He is going to do as we come out of this SELAH time, and what 'building with Him' will look like coming out of this time. It is going to look VERY different to how it has looked before. (Photo via Unsplash)

The danger is, if you have not been positioned to hear and receive His wisdom for the new thing that He is going to do, then you will build as you always have – not that how we have built before was wrong, it was good for that time, but God is now going to be building in a new way. There will be a new positioning, there will be restructuring, and some of what the Lord moves and builds will cause offense to many, if they do not have eyes to see and ears to hear and have spent this time with the Lord, receiving His heart and wisdom for what is to come and what it will look like (James 1:5).

"He changes times and seasons; He removes kings and sets up kings; He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding; He reveals deep and hidden things; He knows what is in the darkness, and the light dwells with Him." (Daniel 2:21-22 ESV)

Friends, the crossover HAS happened. The Lord showed me very clearly that the FRUIT of this SELAH TIME is going to be VERY evident when we come out of this. This divine, SELAH moment is a time of significant alignment, purification, repentance, and going deep. This is a time to draw close to the Lord and not 'fill the space' with busyness, but truly seek His heart. This is a time to enter into a place of the deepest revelation and INTRICATE DETAILS contained in His wisdom of building with Him in this new era.

"This is what the LORD says: 'Stop at the crossroads and look around. Ask for the old, godly way, and walk in it. Travel its path, and you will find rest for your souls. But you reply, "No, that's not the road we want!"'" (Jeremiah 6:16)

Let us be positioned to ask for the old, godly way and walk in it, and let us be those who EMBRACE that road.

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Lana Vawser
Lana Vawser Ministries

Lana Vawser is an active member of the Australian Prophetic Council and releases prophetic words for the Body of Christ and nations, and is featured regularly on The Elijah List and in Charisma Magazine. She is also an itinerant preacher and revivalist who is traveling regularly with her family, seeing powerful moves of God. Lana has a strong, prophetic voice and has a heart to see the Body of Christ develop deep intimacy with Jesus and actively hear His voice each day. She also has a heart to see people set free and walk in all that Jesus has purchased for them as they carry Christ into their world each day, awakened to His nature and who they are in Him. Lana is married to Kevin, and they live in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia with their family.

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