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KIM CLEMENT: More on "The Big E" and a Word for California

By Kim Clement
Sep 1, 2007

KIM CLEMENT: More on "The Big E" and a Word for California

Steve Shultz

Predictions with sharp and confirming accuracy are the characteristics of a true prophet. Kim Clement has a history of giving many revelations that have been both tested and proven with great accuracy, with some confirmed through major media news reports (as below).

We've attached Kim's latest prophetic word over California. God has been speaking much prophetically over the great state of California and the revivals that will come from the South.

Below that, Kim shares more insight into the controversial and long awaited subject of the "BIG E." Kim shares: "Prophecies of God's intentions to bless us are being fulfilled everyday right before our eyes--great discoveries that were once only SECRETS are now being announced one after another...God wants to bless you and your family and raise up prophets in the marketplace that will impact every area of our world, but just as has always been the case, someone must go into those places and become the voice of God!"

We are living in extraordinary days that have been prophesied by many--speaking of us moving into the marketplace ministry and God raising up a new generation that will take the earth by storm. Read this article by Kim Clement and be encouraged that you are living in the days of great prophetic fulfillment!

Steve Shultz
Founder, ElijahList and ElijahRain magazine

KIM CLEMENT: More on "The Big E" and a Word for California

August 19, 2007--Hollywood–Pasadena, California

The Spirit of the Lord says, "Even as I have sent signs to this nation, signs in the earth, signs from the Heavens, great winds of the northeast fires within the middle of the nation--prepare yourself for one of the greatest harvests ever. There is an evacuation," says the Spirit of God. "There will be an evacuation of every lie, every past memory, and every traditional force that has tried to hold back the Spirit of God. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty."

I have an expectancy that Jesus is not finished with California. "God is not finished with California," as many would say. God says to you California, "I've listened to your cry, I've listened to your words of fear. I love you as I always have. In My hands, in My feet, you will see the marks of love."

The Spirit of God says, "People, people rejoice, for many have said, 'The ground shall shake and your cities shall be swallowed up.' To those that have said this--I have predicted the exact opposite." The Lord says, "Your earth is shaken, but not for judgment sake. Yes, there are sinners and yes, there are those that are rotten from within," but God says, "Do you think they are too rotten for Me to save and to raise up? NO, not for the God of Elijah and the God of Elisha and the God of Abraham and Isaac and the God of Paul and the God of Peter."

Listen to me, He is says to you today, "There is going to be a new adventure of evangelism that's going to take place. Rejoice because your earth will shake from earthquakes, but it will be so minute, that people will say, 'What is happening?'" God says, "I'm shaking the powers of hell so that you can understand freedom has come to California."

kim clementKim Clement: The BIG E

Over the years, I've had the privilege of being used in many settings to deliver utterances given by God that have helped many individuals all over the world and from all walks of life. I have also been entrusted to deliver significant messages to certain groups of people, nations, and even to the world. Today, we have the capability of monitoring the signs of the fulfillment of some of these predictions and have begun to do so through major news sources, using the Internet, television and e-mail.

In 2005, I had the privilege of sharing a secret that God revealed to me about a discovery that would greatly assist our nation--the Big E. What is the Big E? It was a Secret that was revealed to me regarding energy that God gave to share for the first time on May 22, 2005, in Dallas, Texas. This was precisely two months before the prophecy I delivered regarding Hurricane Katrina. This is the transcript of the prediction.

May 22, 2005: Dallas, Texas
"For the Spirit of God says, do you realize that there is a marked moment in time in the summer where there will be a divine transfer of masses of amounts of money? Keep your eye on the gold. Keep your eye on that one substance. Also keep your eyes open for you shall see things changing with petroleum. You shall see things changing with something new that will come forth. Invest into it. You'd better listen some of you investors; this is not petroleum. This is not oil. This is something else that is safer and God wants to share a secret tonight. Go and study it. I don't have the words. The Spirit of the Lord has hidden it from me. But He tells me there's something other than petroleum or gas or whatever you call it, oil, that's coming forth that's going to be used. Invest in it for it will bring some of you millions of dollars within a 14-month period says the Lord. It begins with an E. That's all I've got...the stock market is going to open up. NASDAQ is opening up."

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Looking back, it's interesting to see that God gave this word regarding the new energy source and the rise of the economy prior to Hurricane Katrina leaving her trail of great destruction on the Gulf Coast of the United States. This storm, that destroyed 30 oil platforms and caused the closure of nine refineries, was said to be the costliest natural disaster in United States history, taking a heavy toll on the economy. Before the disaster, and before the need for other energy sources was a topic of great discussion, God allowed me to prophesy the solution He would bring to assist this Nation.

Though I have given many predictions that have incited controversy, this one regarding the new energy sources seems to have struck a new interest, especially among investors. I have no affiliation with any of these newly emerging energy companies, and the words God has given to me to speak, have always been simply for the benefit of those who will listen and take their own actions, as God's intention is for you to prosper. Other prophecies regarding new energy sources have continued to come like pieces of a great puzzle over the past two years, while new discoveries and ideas are constantly surfacing in the news regarding energy solutions.

Since the Big E has become a subject of great interest, I'm going to share with you a few more words, that have been released recently and several news articles that have confirmations of these words. With all that is happening in the world today, it is important to look at the signs that God has given us in relation to these predictions. The incredible acceleration and rise of the DOW and NASDAQ can now be seen often in the news and were prophesied along with the emerging energy solutions, starting in May 2005. Then on December 31, 2005, in San Jose, California, I was shown the new source was related to something Albert Einstein was in the process of discovering, and that NASDAQ would rise to its highest place ever.

December 31, 2005: San Jose, California
"...I will show My servants, the prophets, the places to invest and some shall say, 'this is an Einsteinian craze' but it shall come from something that Einstein was discovering and bringing forth, but before his time, therefore, I had to remove him. This is the time where discovery shall bring a new source of energy and it shall start in this nation, says the Lord. Do not say, 'Einstein, what about God?' God said, I worked wonders but now some of the theories shall become fact and God said, it shall be so surprising that people shall say, 'what shall we do?' America--No deficit! America--No deficit!..."

"NASDAQ, you have fallen. You have been raised up, and gone back down. But now it's time to rise to the highest place ever. Listen to the secrets of the Lord." (excerpt from 12/31/2005)

As you may have seen in recent news, these have climbed to an all-time high and are clearly signs regarding the emergence of the new sources of energy and America's freedom from its dependence on foreign oil sources. Though some are prophesying judgment and destruction, do not allow the religious manipulation to steal your vision and faith in the promises God has given, and just watch as God uses the secular media to verify and confirm His words. Prophecies of God's intentions to bless us are being fulfilled everyday right before our eyes--great discoveries that were once only SECRETS are now being announced one after another, so we must not lose sight of the Promise that He has given to us. Here are a few confirmations that followed those words.

USA Today—NASDAQ at 5-year high as stocks rebound
Updated 3/29/2006 11:25 PM
By Matt Krantz
The tech-packed NASDAQ powered up 33.32 points, or 1.4%, to 2337.78 for its highest close in more than five years.2

CBS—Dow Tops 12,500 For
First Time
New York, Dec. 27, 2006 (AP)
Wall Street surged higher Wednesday, hurtling the Dow Jones industrials past 12,500 for the first time as year-end bargain hunters picked up stocks across a variety of sectors.

FOX News—Stocks Get Boost From Strong Economic Data
Friday, June 01, 2007
A government report showing a stronger-than-expected rise in new jobs in May got Friday's session to a strong start, sending the Dow industrials to an all-time high and the S&P 500 index to its highest in more than seven years. A gauge of U.S. manufacturing activity also rose, lending support.

FOX NEWS—Profits Lift Stocks
to Close Above 14,000 for First Time Ever
Thursday, July 19, 2007

NEW YORK—U.S. stocks rose Thursday, driving the Dow to its first close over the 14,000 mark, after forecast-topping results from the technology and industrial sectors shifted the market's focus back to earnings optimism, even as Fed Chief Ben Bernanke fanned concerns about the subprime market.

September 16, 2006: Loveland, Colorado
Another clue was given regarding the timing of the BIG E and other details that God revealed.

"...The other shall be the stepping down of a Prime Minister of the Lion of the Nation of Great Britain. For when he does this, says the Lord, it shall be a sign, not because he stepped down. A sign that something shall advance, something shall advance out of Great Britain. Something shall advance, says the Spirit of God, from the United States. And I will take them and I will make them to be one sound and one voice, a very unusual revival, a very unusual breakthrough shall take place, says the Lord. And there shall be an acceleration on the oil crisis and discoveries shall be made one after the other. And God said your energy crisis shall slowly come to an end for I am going to bring prosperity upon the Body of Christ and upon those who have waited and said, God, I want you to lay upon Me that blessing that you promised through Daniel, that blessing that you promised through Joseph, the blessing that you promised through Isaiah, the blessing that you promised through the prophets of old. I'm standing at this day where the Kingdom of God is about to advance upon the earth."

FOX News—Britain PM Tony Blair Plans to Step Down
Thursday, May 10, 2007
By Paisley Dodds, AP writer

In government, you carry each hope, each disillusion...Blair said last September, near the beginning of what has been a long, slow march toward an announcement Thursday, that he will step down to allow for a party leadership contest that will likely end this summer.

December 8, 2006: Portland, Oregon
I was given a prophecy that seemed to relate this with another great discovery and a matter in the field of medicine. A breakthrough was said to come the following May or June.

"The Spirit of God says, a very unusual matter regarding the field of medicine where they will not allow certain ideas regarding creativity, and once it happens there will be a breakthrough in the May or June of next year. But you see things, read things; do not listen to them. But I already sent out cures where some great, great discovery shall take place, a neurological discovery that will bring those with certain disorders into a place of healing. Look to the autistic children. For God says, autistic children, if they survive and they come out of it, and the discovery is made, shall be the geniuses of the world."

ABC—Florida Man Invents Machine To Cure Cancer
POSTED: 11:49 am EST February 27, 2007

SANIBEL ISLAND, Fla.–A Florida man with no medical training has invented a machine that he believes may lead to a cure for cancer. John Kanzius, who turns 63 on March 1, is a former broadcast executive from Pennsylvania who wondered if his background in physics and radio could come in handy in treating the disease from which he suffers himself. Inside his Sanibel Island garage, Kanzius invented a machine he believes sits on the brink of a major medical breakthrough.
Note: Also see news source below the prediction for May 20, 2007, which was posted on ABC-WPBF Website May 24, 2007.

December 31, 2006: San Jose, California
I was given a prophecy to watch the minerals, and that a tree would be the sign of the BIG E. I also predicted there was a link related to a discovery in a vehicle in Michigan.

"Men and women who have longed to go into the marketplace, fear not, do not fear anymore; the marketplace has been opened up says the Lord of Hosts. NASDAQ, NASDAQ you have now risen to a place where you are prideful, but God says this is a sign, for the economy of this nation shall rise above and shall begin to dictate to the nations of the earth. The strength of the dollar shall come because of the strength of the spiritual life in this nation. Watch Me take possession of Wall Street says the Spirit of the Lord. Watch the minerals says the Spirit of God, for even in this next year you shall see a great rising, but do not fear. Look to the tree, for the tree is a sign of that which will come with the "E" says the Spirit of the Lord. A new source of energy is now rapidly coming to pass..."

February 2, 2007: Seattle, Washington
I prophesied more indicating it was not simply ethanol, as some had assumed.

"A new source of energy shall suddenly emerge from the hollow, from nothing, from junk. Do not say it is ethanol. I'm about to surprise you and show this nation that the claws of those that have stood in the Middle East and in South America that have said we will hold onto them, God says I will shake them off you."

February 3, 2007: Seattle, Washington
I predicted something insignificant will become the greatest source of energy for the world. I also saw something major happening in south Florida. Something significant is going to happen in this nation by a very insignificant event. God's going to take of your dust, He's going to take of your trash, He's going to take of your soil, He's going to take of your bugs something insignificant and make it the greatest source of energy for the world. There will be a major move of the Spirit in south Florida.

May 4, 2007: Orlando, Florida
I received a prediction regarding a sign that would come; a find of great wealth in the sea.

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"The Spirit of God says, Do not take lightly what was spoken about concerning the sea. For there is something that is taking place in the sea. Vengeance is in the sea. A battlefield under the waters, why? Because of the great wealth that shall come from the waters deep down. No not from the moon, no not from another planet, not yet; but God said from the sea that will bring a healing. Hence you will see the battle in the sea. The corruption shall be exposed. For even as Elijah went to the house of the woman at Zarephath. Oil, sticks, dirt, all of these components are now to bring an abundance to the United States of America. Sticks, dirt, oil, water and the amalgamation and God says it shall be something that has never, ever happened before. And this nation shall speak of water; oil, dirt, and the amalgamation shall bring an energy. Therefore look to the sign of the battlefield in the waters."

May 5, 2007: Orlando, Florida
More came about the wealth in the sea, a link to the story of Simon Peter going to find the coin in the fish's mouth, and some details I saw of an emblem.

"I delight in the prosperity of My people. As I told Simon Peter, find the fish, for the wealth is in the fish. They will fight but there is great wealth, great energy not yet detected which I will blind them to. For I will only allow My Nation that will honor Me to have this first fruits. You have given therefore you shall be honored says the Lord. I see an emblem of the octopus. It has a star, it has something underneath it and this is an organization that shall arise. Fear not, for as I told you I laugh at those who would strike at this Nation."

FOX News—Deep-Sea Explorers Discover Possible Richest Shipwreck Treasure in History
May 18, 2007
Deep-sea explorers said Friday they have hauled up what could be the richest sunken treasure ever discovered: hundreds of thousands of colonial-era silver and gold coins worth an estimated $500 million from a shipwreck in the Atlantic Ocean.

FOX News—Spain Probes Treasure Hunters Sunday
Sunday, May 20, 2007
The Spanish government is investigating if a crime was committed by a U.S. company that said it had found $500 million worth of coins in an Atlantic Ocean shipwreck, according to Sunday news reports. Odyssey Marine Exploration, based in Tampa, Fla., revealed on Friday they had found hundreds of thousands of colonial-era silver and gold coins in the wreck, but didn't release details about the ship or the wreck site, citing security concerns.

May 20, 2007: San Jose, California
I was shown that the find of great wealth in the seas would be a sign regarding the new energy source.

"For the Spirit of God says watch in this month the discoveries that this prophet prophesied about. I spoke about treasures that will come to this Nation and will come from sources least expected. I spoke about a silver coin in the fish's mouth. Do you understand that even now as there has been a discovery of these coins, this is nothing. For this nation there will be a discovery within the sea that shall cause a war and people will say we must war for this but it will be short lived. I will not allow them to take from this nation again because it's in your waters. I give this to you says the Spirit of God. They will say this has never ever happened before. The Spirit said, now watch the seas. Watch the wealth that comes as a sign."

ABC—Florida Man Invents Machine To Turn Water Into Fire
Thursday, May 24, 2007
SANIBEL ISLAND, Fla.—A Florida man may have accidentally invented a machine that could solve the gasoline and energy crisis plaguing the U.S.

FOX News—Colombia Fights U.S. Diver for Treasure
Sunday, June 03, 2007
By Joshua Goodman
BOGOTA, Colombia—The Spanish galleon, San Jose, was trying to outrun a fleet of British warships off Colombia's coast on June 8, 1708, when a mysterious explosion sent it to the bottom of the sea with gold, silver and emeralds now valued at more than $2 billion.

"Without a doubt the San Jose is the Holy Grail of treasure shipwrecks," said Robert Cembrola, director of the Naval War College Museum in Newport, R.I."

June 16, 2007: San Jose, California
God showed me there would be five new sources. Also that the Pacific, the West Coast, would also share in a great discovery regarding energy. It will be linked to something they discover in the land, air, sea, dolphin, whale and octopus. And more...

"...God says there is a mass treasure that's about to be uncovered. God said, My people will get it. My people will take it. For the forces that have hidden and endeavored to hide what is about to be uncovered, they have been annihilated. They have been dreadfully secured. And now even as I have promised, through these next few months, one thing after the other will be uncovered. Down in Florida it began, but on the Pacific, the West Coast, there is also great discovery. You will not have to struggle for the breakthrough that is coming to you. The struggle is over. You're going over, you're not going under says the Lord of hosts."

"There is a miraculous thing that is about to be uncovered. For even in the stepping down of Tony Blair, this is a sign. A good man, a man that I have used as a friend to this nation. But God says there will be a sign with the great E. There will be rapidity, and there will be acceleration so that America will suddenly have five new sources of energy. There will be five, not one, but five. Why would anybody be interested? For let the prophets prophesy. There will be five sources of energy. And they will say, what will we do now? We have so many sources!"

"Shall we create and design an engine in this way? And shall we design a plane in this way? And we shall not use this but we shall use another. And what about the air? What is in the air? What is in the sea? What is in the land? What is in the air? What is in the dolphin and the whale and the octopus? Listen, God says, America, get ready to stand upright again. I will cause My Church to prosper first, for I will give the pattern to you. For this day I have said, I will secure it until I find a righteous man who will take it and say 'I have patented it for the Kingdom of God, and it shall be given for God's work and God's work shall accelerate' says the Lord."

Even as I write, there is more unfolding. As you can see, since these first predictions, many signs have emerged of its beginnings. Although I have not yet been given the complete picture of this new energy source, I know that God spoke to me and said He will bless the economy of this Nation causing it to rise to its highest place, and this Nation will bring forth new energy sources to end the energy crisis. We have already received reports of eager believing investors who have made profitable investments based on their own judgment and research of these prophetic words.

You may ask, "Why would God share something like this about the economy of the United States?" Because unlike what many may portray the duty of a prophet of Christ to be, prophets are called like Abraham to become a blessing to the nations (Genesis 20:7). To bless means to invoke divine favor and protection. God wants to bless you and your family and raise up prophets in the marketplace that will impact every area of our world, but just as has always been the case, someone must go into those places and become the voice of God! That someone is you! Will you join me on this journey?

February 16, 2007: Toledo, Ohio
God spoke to me and said that 2007 would be a year of great acceleration. He has also specified that March, May and October will be three great months in which He would grant an UNUSUAL multiplication of favor:

"I have made promises that I will not allow the enemy to dictate what shall take place in the month of March, May and October. Three months, says the Lord, I shall grant an unusual multiplication of favor. Favor to those who are struggling, favor to those who cannot see the breakthrough. There shall be a destruction of barrenness, no more barrenness. Mark these words, for tonight I give you three swords. Three swords of favor, they're in your hand, in your heart and in your life--you can use them or you can lay them down for somebody else to take."

In Judges 6, when God spoke to Gideon, he was completely overwhelmed by his present circumstances. He made a promise to Gideon at a time when the enemy had been stealing all of his profits and he was completely unaware of any possible breakthrough. In this place of great discouragement, God told him he was chosen to save Israel from the hand of their enemies, the Midianites. Once Gideon realized it was actually God who was telling him this, He decided to give an offering.

When God speaks to you, one of the most powerful things you can do is to give an offering. Why? When you give, you secure the promise that God has given and it is sealed in the Heavens. Once he gave his offering, Gideon then took the necessary actions to fulfill the promise that he had been given. God led Gideon and his men through a process in which it made things seem impossible for them to be able to defeat the Midianites. God took away all of the things that had previously provided security and then Gideon was told to attack tens of thousands of powerful Midianite warriors with a simple WORD from God.

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As he labored and worked towards the promise, Gideon's army was reduced to 300 men to complete this seemingly impossible task. Gideon had given his offering, and just before the battle, God told him to go down and listen to what the enemy was saying about him in their camp. Do you understand the power of this? Gideon went and heard them talking about a dream that one of them had in which a loaf of bread had tumbled into their tent and the tent had fallen over. The other warrior said that this was none other than the sword of Gideon and the sword of the Lord!

After hearing this, Gideon was inspired to go back and mobilize his army, and they returned to face their enemy in full force. With an army of 300, and against all odds, Gideon followed through with the battle and won the victory just as God had promised. The loaf of bread that he gave as his offering was taken by God and transformed into a sword against his enemy! This principle will also work in your life! You will win the battle you are facing, in the same way, when you give your offering to God and release it into His Kingdom. He will take it and use it to defeat your enemies. Don't wait till your enemy is already defeated before you give, or you could be waiting a long time. When you give as God directs you, your offering is transformed into the sword designed to defeat your enemy.

kim and jane clementI want to encourage you to give while the Word of the Lord is active and being presented to us in present day truth. Jane and I would also like to say thank you for joining us in our mission and for your continued prayer and support, which is vital to all that we do.

With love and blessings,

Kim and Jane Clement
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September 16, 2007
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