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Kim Clement: Words For England, France, Middle East and America

by Kim Clement
Jun 4, 2011

Steve ShultzFrom the desk of Steve Shultz:

Kim Clement is an international prophet. He speaks over multiple lands and nations, such as his latest prophetic words below. He is a true and highly accurate prophet and a good friend of mine. I believe there is something for everyone to receive in this word... so receive!

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Kim Clement

Something is About to Be Born

Prophesied on May 10, 2011 from The Matrix:

The labor pains that you are feeling in America and all over the world are proof that something is about to be born. Something, I prophesy to you, is about to be born which will shake the earth – a move of the Spirit that will bring the Body of Christ to a place that it has never been before.

You are going to be a part of that, you and your house are going to be a part of that. Children who have gone astray are going to be a part of that; families that are broken up are going to be a part of that. Businesses that have fallen to pieces are going to be given back to you. But you've got to see it, and when you see it, open your mouth and say it, because the minute you say it, it is an embodiment of God's word to you.

Watch England, France and the Middle East

Prophesied on May 21, 2011 from The Den:

I believe, and I'm saying this prophetically right now, that somehow God's going to take somebody from England and from the United Kingdom and place them in that position. I don't know who it is – it's somebody high up that's in a very powerful position. And so there's a disruption in France right now because God wants to establish France with correct leadership, and He wants to do it in Europe.

Not only in the Middle East are leaders going to topple, but in Europe as well because there's a lot of corruption that's taking place in Europe as well. When God sends a prophetic word to France and to England and to these different places, you watch how leadership starts coming into line with it. That's the power of this word.

"I'm Placing a Mantle Upon Your Children"

Prophesied on May 28, 2011 in St. Louis, Missouri:

Listen – the Spirit of the Lord says, "I'm laying a mantle upon your children. It is the mantle of the prophetic. I'm placing a mantle upon your children." And even as I wrapped the mantle around a young man last night, so the Lord's going to wrap the mantle around your children, and your grandchildren, and your great, great grandchildren, says the Lord. "I will wrap the mantle around your schools, I will wrap the mantle around your nation, I will wrap the mantle around your kids," says the Holy One of Israel.

"I'm going to take this mantle and I'm going to cause it to go throughout the land and there will be liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. I'll raise up Isaiah, I'll raise up Jeremiah, I'll raise up Ezekiel, I'll raise up Daniel. I'll raise them up," says the Lord. "I'll even put the Spirit of the Lord upon them like Samson. I'll raise up strong men and young women that will prophesy. Your nation will be free again, your nation will be free again."

The Lord clearly says that because of what has happened and because of the death, and the life that has been taken so easily, laws will change in this nation because of the states that were torn to pieces by the wind that blew.

For God says, "There is a funnel, literally, and in that funnel I am going to cause not to go up, but to come down. I have prepared something for this nation where certain laws will change. And they will say, 'Can the President not veto this?'" God says, "There is no one greater than the Lord God Almighty. For the kings to trust in their horses and the strength of numbers is foolishness."

But God says, "There is a remnant of people in this nation that have said, 'We trust not in horses nor do we trust in chariots, but we remember the name of the Lord.' A nation that forgets its history has no future. And it is you that I've called upon, oh Body of Christ, My people, to remind them of the past, to bring it back into existence. The law shall change in favor of the saints of the Most High God; laws will change in favor of the children of the Most High God, and the children of America, and the children of Asia, and the children of Europe."

God says, "I will defend them," says the Spirit of the Lord, "because this day, I promise you, that I shall stand and I will make the changes so the school systems suddenly will be enhanced and the educational system shall have a change," says the Lord. "Have you believed Him before, then believe Him now. It's not the end of your nation, it's the beginning of the greatest breakthrough that you've ever seen. Therefore, let me hear the sound of rejoicing," says the Lord. Rejoice!

"I'm Going to Send You My Light"
(Prophetic Song)

"I'm going to send you My light, I'm going to send it in the night
I'm going to hear your prayer tonight, I'm going to hear your praise tonight
Just like Jehoshaphat, I'm going to take your enemies and turn them around
Just like Jehoshaphat, I'm going to take your enemies and turn them around
Turn them around, turn them around, turn them around, turn them around
Send your light, send your light"

"I Shall Begin My Work," Says the Spirit of the Lord

[The spirits of darkness say], "Let us send wind, destructive wind, oh ancient spirits. Plan. But prophets are prophesying that in the Midwest there shall be open Heavens. Shall we go ahead, spirits of the ancient, and send destructive winds? Is this not the fulfillment of prophecy? Yes. Let us plan on wiping out towns; let us even break the arch and mock the gateway to the west. Let us snatch children away, ha."

"But I listened to them," says the Lord of Hosts. "If you [the spirits of darkness] would endeavor to move toward My cities, the states that I have set aside for the most wondrous spiritual rain, [and] if you do this thing," says the Lord to the spirits of darkness, "I myself will multiply what I planned. If you would endeavor to take one life, I will multiply and take the anointing from this place and I will send arrows out to the ends of the earth."

So the winds came and the Spirit of God watched. "It is over." Now the Lord's Spirit says, "I shall begin My work."

"I'm Coming Like a Mighty Rushing Wind"
(Prophetic Song)

"I've walked the ground, I've seen the blood and I stood with you and cried
I've heard their cries and I have stood and seen a man,
One so strong, then so weak
I've seen them run, legs so strong, then I watched them as their age would come
They would no longer run
I've heard the wind, I've watched them cry
But now I stand as your supply

"And I will come like a mighty rushing wind
And I will come like a mighty rushing wind
Then you'll hear the sound of triumph in the sound of My voice
And I will come like a mighty rushing wind
And I will come like a mighty rushing wind
And I will come like a mighty rushing wind
And you will hear the cries of those once in pain
Saying, 'Lord I can feel your Holy Spirit'

"'Won't you come like a mighty rushing wind
Won't you come like a mighty rushing wind
Come to us, come to us
Won't you come like a mighty rushing wind
Won't you come like a mighty rushing wind
We will see the heavens open up, the rain coming down
Won't you come like a mighty rushing wind
We will see the heavens open up, the rain coming down
Won't you come, won't you come to us'

"And I will send a special wind
As I heard My Son pray
Standing at the right hand of the Father
I heard Him say
'Father, Father, Father, won't You, won't You
Send, send a mighty rushing wind to America,
I heard My Son pray
My Son said, 'Father, won't You forgive them
America is crying out
Won't You love them
The nations are watching Your nation
Or will they fall, or will they fall

"'Father, I'm praying for America
Father, I'm praying for their future
Father, I'm praying for the children
Won't You hear their cry
Won't You send us a mighty rushing wind
Won't You come like a mighty rushing wind
We can see the heavens open up, the rain coming down
Come to us'"

"It Will Begin in the Midwest"

It will begin in the Midwest. I stand as a prophet and I make a declaration. I can feel the wind of the Spirit. I can feel the presence of Almighty God. God will suddenly move in your schools, in your highways, in your byways, in your prisons, in your universities, in your colleges. God is about to come; Spirit come!

We need to take note of last night. I know that this pastor and his wife and the leadership of the cities and the churches from the surrounding regions will take the word and of course do major warfare over this word, because it is beginning tonight. That one minute that I stood behind the keyboard, I was taken to a whole brand new world. It seemed like I was standing all alone, nobody else with me, and suddenly I heard this wind roaring, coming in.

And it's almost like the Lord was saying, "It's not something that's going to be expected by many – it's suddenly just going to come, it's going to be there. Churches crying out, saying things are happening that have never happened before, and unusual manifestations are going to begin to take place, unusual revelations, and specifically upon your young kids, your youngsters."

So when I prophesied over her, I could feel a lot of you, and also you watching throughout the world, saying, "My God, I wish I could be in that building" – well, you know what? It's in your house. It's where you are right now. When God spoke to her, it applies to you as well. In other words, your children can go through the same thing. If you're having problems with your children, or you have older ones that are rebellious, watch how this whole fresh new move of the Spirit is going to bring them in, and it's not going to be a religious revival.

You asked me to pray for your child for autism and you said to me, "Kim, you have a gift for children that have autism." Yes, I do. And I prophesy to those children that you are holding in your house right now, be made whole, be made whole, be made whole, not only by the power of the spoken word but by what God is bringing from the earth. Your child shall be healed. Autism shall be known as a sickness of the past. This is His word.

"Make no mistake," says the Lord. "I am standing in the midst of your trial in America. I am standing in the midst of your economy, but there are so few that can see Me. But if they do see Me, they will be rescued. If they can see Me in the fire, if they can see Me in their problems – if you can see Me in your crisis," God says, "I will deliver you just like I delivered Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego," says the Lord.

Kim Clement
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