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Kim Clement: "SECRETS CONCERNING KOREA, JAPAN, CHINA, the UN, and EGYPT--Given in Hollywood, CA, July 8, 2006"

By Kim Clement
Jul 31, 2006

July 31, 2006

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Kim Clement: "SECRETS CONCERNING KOREA, JAPAN,? CHINA, the UN, and EGYPT?--Given in Hollywood, CA, July 8, 2006"

kim clementJuly 8, 2006 - Hollywood, CA

Lift Your Voice--Your Prayers Will Shake the Foundation

The Spirit of God says, "Send out your praise, send out your prayers. Send them forth tonight. For faith will arise in this building. Send your prayers. Lift your voice. Lift up your eyes and pray. For your prayers will surely shake the foundation, and shake the very core of iniquity, and the principalities of this region shall hear a joyful sound and be dismayed."

There is a reason for the Spirit of the Lord to request that you pray. "Pray out loud," says God. "For surely did I not say to you tonight, that I would open a door and remove a veil, and damage the iniquity that has come from the fathers and the forefathers, that the curse after the fourth generation would be broken," says the Spirit of God.

"I am raising a voice in Los Angeles. I am raising a voice in Hollywood. I am causing a people to arise. I am causing a people to arise that will disturb the atmosphere with a contradiction for what the prognosticators have spoken out, and what they have said would happen, shall surely not happen. For you shall watch Korea, you shall watch North Korea as a little man becomes smaller."

I Will Cleanse the Water with the Staff of?the Righteous

"Let the dead bury the dead, says the Spirit of God. Let the dead bury the dead. For I will not tolerate any longer the flimsy miserable sounds of threats that come to a Nation that has been despised for too long. Your prayers tonight are covering the West coast of America," says the Spirit of God.

"Let them speak of the earthquakes and let them speak of the tsunamis. Let them speak of the removal of this state." But God said, "I will intervene, and your children shall be raised up as the voices which will speak to the mountains of the media and to the rivers that have been polluted by the blood of abortion. I will cleanse the water with the staff of the righteous. The staff of the prophets shall strike the water, and it shall be cleansed of the blood that has been taken," says the Spirit of the Living God.

Do not despise the prophesying for tonight you have gathered together to hear what shall become of us. Your prayer and your request tonight was, "Show me where I'm going from here." And God says, "To a higher place, to a place beyond the veil, to a place where deliverance shall be the order of the day, to a place where salvation shall even touch those that have even said, 'there is no God.' Watch Me," says the Lord, "take the atheists and take the Darwinists, and move them to a place to where they will say, 'there is no choice, there is a manifestation of God.'"

"For there is light being sent to this state," says the Spirit of the Living God. "Therefore your prayers are coming forth as a sweet smelling incense," says God. "Now open your mouths and let your mouths pray out, for as you pray, I will shake the earth, and it shall be My doing," says the Lord of Hosts.

I Will Bring Your Enemies Out from the Very Soil of this Nation

We will not be satisfied with the memories of yesterday's miracles. God says, "I'm raising you up, don't you understand, your dissatisfaction is pleasing in My sight." God says, "Surely, I will shake this place, and people shall see salvation as never before. Rejoice because your prayers are destroying the power and the influence that shall be endeavored to be sent to the L.A. Airport of this place." For God says, "They are planning already for they say, 'it is an easy target. It is easy access. They are cleaning it up.'"

"But the L.A.X. Airport and," God says, "those surrounding regions, have been targeted with something very stupid, because they do not understand that the saints of the Most High God have been praying. And because they've been praying," God says, "I will once again take them, and expose them as I did in Florida. I will expose them on the West Coast, and I will expose them over and over through the summer months as I promised you."

"I told you before, this prophet prophesied just a few months ago, that come summer, I will expose, I will bring your enemies out from the very soil of this Nation, and you have watched how I have done it. Ho, I am not finished yet," says the Lord. "If you would allow Me, and as your President has said to Me in his private moments, 'God Your will be done,'" and surely says the Lord, "when the head of a Nation says, 'Your will be done,' then the Nation says, 'Your will be done.'"

"My will shall be done through the summer months. I will multiply the vision of the Secret Service and the FBI, and I will cause My Spirit to come upon them so that they will expose, expose, expose," says the Lord. "I will raise this voice up so that the people may understand there is a prophet in the land, and the people of God that surround him will pray until the Spirit of God moves, and brings forth the enemies into their place," says the Spirit of God.

I Will Expose Three Nations and You Will Multiply

"Don't look to the United Nations. Don't look to the United Nations. Don't look to them," says the Lord. "There is no unity amongst those." God says, "They will be abolished shortly. But it shall come to pass that I'm going to raise up a new sound, I'm going to raise up a new force.

Do you understand that there are three other nations that have already prepared themselves to strike at this Nation? No one knows," says the Lord, "but it was shared tonight as a secret. Three other nations have united themselves. They have said, 'we will do it through the woman, we will do it from those under the cloth. We will do within the very Nation that calls itself great, and calls itself strong, and calls itself mighty.'" But God said, "They don't understand, this is not a political thing. This is not a natural warfare. This is a spiritual warfare that is taking place. I will expose these three nations, as well as, you multiply this summer."

"You will enter into a season, and you already have multiplication of blessing, multiplication of favor, multiplication of healing, multiplication of deliverance. Do you understand that the veil has been rent and you have entered into a higher place? Therefore rejoice, rejoice, rejoice," says the Lord.

There is Coming A New Sound from South Korea

"You are praying," says the Spirit of God, "and as you pray, at this very moment, there is coming a sound from South Korea, a sound of prayer warriors. And as you are standing on this ground in Los Angeles, in South Korea at this very moment, there is a prayer movement that has been going for years, but now it has been struck with a fresh baptism and a fresh fire.

Yes, I have taken your prayers; I have interlocked your prayers with South Korea," and God says, "it's too late, it's too late little Kim. It's too late. South Korea has prayed now, and because they have prayed, I will abolish the control and the witchcraft, and I will abolish every desperate move because I have linked your prayers, and it shall be done," says the Lord.

China Has Been Prepared for One of the Greatest Breakthroughs and Revivals

What's happening in China right now--there is a plan for assassination. God says, "Let these plans be according to the will of man." But God says, "They do not carry the sword of the Spirit, but there are millions within China that are called by My name. And in this place where the Secret of the Lord is being shared, watch your news--they will show you nothing, for this is yet hidden."

But God said, "An assassination is being planned. America shall be surprised at how they look upon this Nation, and it shall give America access through the Word of the Lord that shall go into China. For China has been prepared for one of the greatest breakthroughs and revivals, one of the greatest moves, one of the greatest forms of restoration," and God says, "you will be a part of it, because tonight, mark this night--you are praying, and this weekend I will change everything."

I Will Use Your Light to Remove Darkness

God says, "What you are seeing tonight must be the order of the day for My house. It must be the order of the day for My house. Gone are the days of one man pointing, so that people will be healed. As they praise and as they worship spirit unto Spirit, I will raise them from the dead. Do not say, 'it cannot be done,' for I will give light to your eyes and you will see. And based upon your perception," God says, "I will use you. I will use your presence; I will use your light to remove the darkness that's around you."

Japan, China, Korea--God is Going to Do Something Big

"Japan--you represent the other nation that shall be called a friend to America. You may say, 'this is all ridiculous,' as they have always said when the prophets speak. This is crazy! It is crazy at the time. But who is He that searches the hearts of men and is presently yet the King of Japan? The Lord God Almighty. The King of China, the Lord God Almighty. The King of Korea, Lord God Almighty. No North, no South, just one, just one Korea, just one Korea, just one shall arise with Christ in their mouth, and Christ in their lips and in their hearts," says the Lord!!

This one nation shall experience what they predicted for this Nation and for this West Coast, an earthquake which will take us out. Your prayers will save many lives regarding this earthquake in Japan.

This speaks of this incredible integration, and this one fusion of Japan, and China. A Lion has roared, the Lord has spoken, and who can but prophesy. Just for a moment between Japan, and China, and Korea, God is going to do something big.

Watch Egypt--An Ally

"Egypt--I speak to an Egyptian. I speak to Egypt. Watch Egypt," says the Lord, "an ally." Egypt, God's going to rattle you, raise you up, He isn't finished with you yet.

By Kim Clement
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"The daily prophetic words that are sent to our 131,000+ subscribers are made possible by the purchase of products like those featured in this email. You may purchase them directly from this email, or visit our online store at"


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The songs of the Lord included are beautiful and filled with words of knowledge and wisdom. Come with me on this journey, and enjoy the outcome as the Spirit prophesies the future of your sons and daughters." --Kim Clement

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