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Gale Sheehan: "2018: Open Doors in the Eye of a Storm"

Gale Sheehan
Jan 27, 2018

Steve ShultzFrom the desk of Steve Shultz:

God sure likes showing up on the scene...and confirming His promises to us through signs and wonders.

You'll be in awe as you read through some of the "signs and wonders" that the Lord showed up in as Gale Sheehan shares in his article for 2018.

God surely knows how to breakthrough any storm in life that you are going through! Gale shares this about being in the eye of the storm:

The "eye" is normally completely calm, peaceful and where you can see blue skies and sunshine. Spiritually, I hear the Lord saying that in the strongest storms of your life, God will make "Doorways" of breakthrough in 2018 into the eye of the storm.

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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Signs of Upholding His Promises

2018, along with the Hebrew year of 5778, promises to be a year of great opportunities with the Lord in the midst of strong storms. With both timetables signifying "New Beginnings" by the number 8 there are also some other significant symbolic meanings. One centers in the Hebrew year 5778. The magnitude of God's purpose in the Hebrew calendar came to a whole new level for me in the year 5776 or 2016. I had just ministered a message on the number 6 or "vav" that year and how the "vav" had a meaning of connection as referenced in Genesis 1:1 when God "vaved" the Heavens and Earth or connected them together. One meaning of this type of connecting was "Like Lightning Bolts" from Heaven to Earth.

The very next week in 2016, a massive lightning bolt hit our home. It was described by the Fire Department and electrical contractors as the strongest they had ever seen. I took this as an amazing prophetic sign of the Lord verifying His timetable. This represented God upholding His promises of connecting our destinies with Him that year.

"He will revive things that may seem dead as He blows His resurrection life upon them. Don't give up on prophetic words that may not have happened yet but continue to persevere by decreeing what God has said."

The Lord had previously spoken to me with many other signs and wonders in atmospheric manifestations, but this was a first for a "Lightning Bolt" event. The Lord also used the lightning strike of 5776 to be a great blessing with our insurance replacing anything that had been plugged into an electrical outlet. TVs, appliances, computers, etc., like an early Christmas. I want to highlight this event in a prelude to the significance of 5778.

Symbolic Meanings of 5778

The Lord began to speak to me that we are entering a doorway to the "fulfillment of all things" in this year of 2018. Eight: The Hebrew number/letter "Chet" pictorially looks like a doorway. This year aligns with the "3rd and final Apostolic Reformation" where the Body of Christ will begin to arise in the earth to prepare the way for Jesus to return again. As John the Baptist was a forerunner of Jesus, walking the earth as God and man, now the Church will move forward toward His second coming in power and victory. The exact time no man knows, but we can begin to see evidence of the season of Jesus' return.

In the time of the Exodus of the Israelites, it was the blood of a lamb that was applied to the doorposts which separated them from the destruction of the plague of death. The "Blood of the Lamb" Jesus is what separates us today for blessing over the plans of the enemy's destruction.

Another significant symbolic meaning of 5778 is in the combined number 78 (ayin chet). 70 (ayin) is a number associated with the eye and 8 (chet) is a number that can be related to a wall. When combined the number 78 represents an "eyewall." (Photo via Unsplash)

Living in the state of Florida for the last 25 years has brought me an awareness of hurricanes and the formation of "eyewalls" of hurricanes. The eyewall is always where the strongest winds and most destructive portion of a hurricane exist. The eyewall is also something that is dynamic and always changing in the formation and event of a hurricane. The timing of hurricanes is determined by the landfall of the eyewall. However, amazingly, just through the circular eyewall to the interior of the hurricane is the "eye" of the storm.

Storms Lead to Doorways

The "eye" is normally completely calm, peaceful and where you can see blue skies and sunshine. Spiritually, I hear the Lord saying that in the strongest storms of your life, God will make "Doorways" of breakthrough in 2018 into the eye of the storm.

This eye represents where the peace and joy of the Lord exist. The Lord says that we will be the "Apple of His Eye" in the year of 2018 in the midst of strong storms. Some of these storms will be seen in natural ways and some will be the spiritual storms of the enemy. Staying in the eye of a hurricane requires movement. As the storm moves, the eye moves as well, and staying in the center of it requires both speed and directional adjustments.

Aircrafts are sent into a hurricane to measure its strength by wind speed, pressure and direction. From that information and other data, meteorologists are able to make predictive models of the future of the hurricane. The year of 2018 will be a year where we can hear the voice of the Lord to move in the midst of storms into great victories.

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There are several types of storms that maybe you have been encountering—health, family, financial, ministerial, or any other arenas where God has called you to influence. This includes storms encountered by those who have been called to influence in the 7 Mountains of society. Even though the enemy may have formed winds of adversity against you, this is a year to breakthrough those assignments to see great victories. This will require maintaining a persevering attitude until the breakthrough is realized.

Just like the "eyewall" represents the strongest wind, many times the last step to victory may seem the hardest. Just like a long-distance runner needs to break through the "wall" to receive a "second wind" to finish a race, we will need a spiritual "second wind" in our spiritual races to finish. The "second wind" brings a time of refreshing and renewal. 2018 is a year appointed for the "second wind" from the Lord.

The New: Favor, Influence and Advancement

"The Lord began to speak to me that we are entering a doorway to the "fulfillment of all things" in this year of 2018."

As we press through into the new for 2018 we also need to listen for the voice of the Lord to move with Him into the possessions that He has for us. We are to take back things that have been stolen in previous years while also looking for the new.

The new will include positions of favor, influence and advancement. These new positions may seem to be things that have looked like the old that God wants to make new. He will revive things that may seem dead as He blows His resurrection life upon them. Don't give up on prophetic words that may not have happened yet but continue to persevere by decreeing what God has said. This can be the very year of the appointed time of the Lord.

One of the characteristics of storms is the great darkness they bring. As we experience spiritual storms the enemy loves to flood us with the darkness of confusion, weariness, and loss of spiritual direction. We can press through this darkness in the spirit into the place of God's light where we have momentum and direction. God's promise is that as we trust in Him and not in our own understanding, He will direct our paths. 2018 will be a year where there are new paths of destiny that will be illuminated to match His timetable of new beginnings.

Fulfillment of All Things

In the book of Acts, we are told that the heavens must receive Jesus until the period of the restoration or the fulfillment of all things spoken by the prophets of ancient times. 2018 will be a year where there is an open door to this restoration of all things. God is raising up an army in this season that will prepare the way and make a people ready as John the Baptist did when Jesus walked the earth. (Photo via Unsplash)

Jesus fulfilled every prophecy that had been spoken concerning His coming prior to His birth and now we are entering a door to the fulfillment of all prophecies concerning His second coming. The Church has the ability to hasten this coming by the response we have to the Lord's direction.

May we arise and be who we are called to be this year of 2018 and take a step forward until the time when the kingdoms of the world become the Kingdoms of the Lord and His Christ.

The Lord Sabaoth will release angels on assignment this year to co-labor with us to advance, possess, and gain victories in this "Open Door" season. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

Gale Sheehan
Director, Christian International Apostolic Network


Apostle Gale Sheehan serves as the Director of Christian International Apostolic Network, a network of over 900 ministers in the U.S. CI is widely recognized as a leading voice in the present truth restoration of apostolic and prophetic ministries in the global Church today. Gale is the author of "Miracles Now!!!" and "Financial Miracles Now!!!" – equipping and activating saints to move in healing and financial miracles. Gale has prophesied to thousands, releasing a "now" word of the Lord. Gale and his wife Shelly have been married for 34 years and are the founders of Destiny Now Ministries. They travel nationally and internationally as conference speakers and have appeared on TBN and CBN broadcasts. They believe that the simplicity of knowing "Jesus" along with the Gospel of the "Kingdom" of Christ within you will cause great transformation in the earth today. Gale and Shelly, with their family, reside in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.

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