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Johnny Enlow: "Rosh Hashanah 5778: A New Hidden Way is Here"

Johnny Enlow
Oct 11, 2017

Steve ShultzFrom the desk of Steve Shultz:

The Word of God says that we "know in part and we prophesy in part!"

That is strong truth and the best prophetic voices on the planet, when they write, give you a LOT of each. Truth from what "THEY KNOW IN PART" and then they give you revelation from what they "prophesy in part."

One of the very best prophet-teachers that I know is JOHNNY ENLOW. When I want a sweeping, comprehensive picture of a great deal of controversial questions answered, with a good dose or prophecy included, I look for what JOHNNY ENLOW WRITES.

Please note that when we publish THE PROPHETS on the ELIJAH LIST, we purposely do not look for 100% agreement between the prophets. Probably close to 85% agreement or more. Because we KNOW IN PART, some of what we know gets included, and so you will see prophets with different life experiences, who interpret the same prophetic signs—quite differently.

This is as it SHOULD BE—because there is NEVER only one interpretation about things such as hurricanes, floods, signs and wonders, and so on. To get the best picture, you need to read or listen to many prophetic voices.

OK, that's enough to whet you appetite here. This is lengthy, so grab a cup of coffee and dig in. You are going to understand a great deal more about the times in which we carefully reading this word through Johnny Enlow!

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September 21, 2017 marked the beginning of a most remarkable year in the Hebraic Calendar coming on the heels of 5777, one of the most intense and world-shifting years ever. As I reviewed my word for Rosh Hashanah 2016 (on The Elijah List), my first subtitle was "As in the days of Noah: A Time of Rest...and Floods." There I shared of my experience with the unprecedented Atlanta floods of Rosh Hashanah 2009, and how the Lord said this was now going to happen at a national scale and as a spiritual reality. This truly has been the case and we are in a whole new day of Kingdom momentum.

The 8 in 5778 represents a new beginning. The entire decade of 5770-5779 is still all about learning to see, as that is the significance of the 70s window. Now the number 8 is telling us that a new beginning is here. A NEW WAY or door has been birthed.

Since last Rosh Hashanah 5777, we have had the most shocking presidential election result in our history with the effects of that only just beginning to be felt. The United States will be known as "before Trump" and "after Trump" in the future, and it is why there is so much warfare, confusion, resistance and overall stirring up of the spirit realm. Have no doubt about it though, the purposes of the Lord will stand.

We have had the Stock Market skyrocket almost 4,000 points to its highest level ever—over 22,000. Our nation has experienced its greatest flood ever through Hurricane Harvey, right on the heels of the most rare type of total solar eclipse in our nation's history. Most recently through Hurricane Irma, we experienced our biggest and strongest Atlantic Hurricane ever. Hurricane Maria, another huge one, devastated US Territory, Puerto Rico, as well as many Caribbean islands. Great earthquakes struck Mexico. We have had record flooding (California, Louisiana, etc.) and record wild fires all over the land.

Furthermore, we have had more than our share of North Korea, ISIS, media wars and the explosion of "fake news"—and the like. All in all, a hectic year, and none of it means "the end" is near, only the end as we know it. We are really just at a whole new beginning, with new hidden doors and ways. (We will get to that.)

Now then to top it off, we have the usual cast of "prophecy experts" interpreting a purported, rare alignment of stars in the constellations as proof that on Sept. 23, either "The Rapture" was taking place or "The Great Tribulation" was beginning—or something cataclysmic. I have covered many of these things in previous posts or podcasts. Truly a challenging year for Believers as we attempt to navigate through our own version of "fake news" or in some cases just "unanointed seeing".

"This 'Jesus Movement' will spearhead not just revival, but reformation and the ensuing renaissance it leads to."

As I have shared before, the 10 spies were not really guilty of direct "fake news" on the Promised Land. They actually saw the things they said they saw. What made it "fake news" was it was "unanointed seeing." They judged reality by the giants they saw and not by the fruit of the land. Caleb, on the other hand, was an anointed observer and highlighted what God desired to be highlighted, thus making it REAL news.

So today again, what is really going on? What is the true Kingdom outlook? Who are the real prophetic voices? These are all among the great questions of our day, and you discerning them correctly will essentially determine the extent of your "Kingdom footprint." It is quite easy to blame the confusion of the day we live in for our challenges, but the challenges are designed to confirm and promote truth seekers, thus unleashing a band of Kingdom "super heroes"—such as the world has never seen.

"He Will March in the Whirlwinds of the South" Zechariah 9:14

Zechariah 9:14 says, "Then the Lord will appear over them; His arrow will flash like lightning. The Sovereign Lord will sound the trump; He will march in the whirlwinds (hurricanes) of the south."

I believe that there are several Zechariah 9 passages that have an application at this time and especially so for the United States. This does not mean this is the original application for Zechariah 9, but by the Holy Spirit we can find new fulfillments of Scriptures that aren't just meant to die when they have an initial applicable fulfillment.

Zech. 9:9 tells us to "Rejoice" and "Shout" because our King comes TO us (as opposed to FOR us, as many are presently holding out for Him to do). It then speaks of our King bringing justice and salvation, being gentle and riding on a donkey. This is a direct allusion to Jesus and Him ultimately making a "triumphant entry" unexpectedly on a donkey (Matt. 21). I believe there is a repeat message for us today. He is riding in, through an unexpected way—but He is presenting Himself as gentle, humble, and justice-minded and coming with salvation.

Zechariah 9:12 tells us, "Return to your fortress, O prisoners of hope; even now I announce that I will restore twice as much to you."

I believe this is a powerful message He is speaking to us today, and He is challenging us not to just have "positive thinking" but also to make ourselves "prisoners of hope"—essentially throwing away the key of escape from that "hope fortress." True hope is the assurance that He will be good to us—especially as it relates to His promises to us. If it isn't good, it just isn't done. It is in that context that verse 14 tells us how He is coming for prisoners of hope. It does not say that He was or is the hurricanes, but that He marches in on it. This is important so that we don't ascribe to God that which is not His doing. (Photo via Pixabay)

As we break down verse 14, we want to first note that it says that "the Lord will appear over them" and that He is called "the Sovereign Lord." He didn't send the storms but He is over them and still sovereign in the midst of them. If that is hard to digest just remember that is how He is regarding you. You have free will, but He is over you and He is Sovereign Lord.

Two descriptions of the Lord's activity are of significant interest. He will "flash like lightning" and He will "sound the trump." If you look up the word "lightning" you will see it is the Hebrew word "Barak." Then we see He will sound the trump (Trump). Quite some coincidence, huh? As He comes in sovereignly, He is flashing Barak (Barack) and sounding Trump! This is in the Scripture back-to-back and in the proper sequence. I know many of you believe Trump was chosen by God but not Barack. I also know many of you think the other way around. I want to suggest He has had purposes for both, and neither was just His "permissible" will—though the intentionality of Trump as president is a unique intervention of God in human history.

To ensure we don't connect this coming TO us of the Lord as a negative judgment, verse 15 then says, "and the Lord God will SHIELD them." Though we have felt exposed with all the hurricane hits, I truly believe that He has shielded us from severe loss of human life. It is almost unbelievable in light of the devastation of these mega hurricanes how relatively few lives have been lost. The storms and floods in all the states, cities, and territories combined, caused less deaths than what the normal death toll of those places would have been through abortions alone. (Still of course, our hearts go out to all who lost family or friends and any kind of loss by reason of the hurricanes.)

The last 3 verses of Zech. 9 are then wonderful promises of how the Lord will save and beautify His people, as we "overcome with slingstones"—connecting us clearly to a courageous, heart of David reality He will work with. This is a time for the "super heroes" to arise to face down the Goliaths of our day. Goliaths showing up doesn't make it a bad day—just a day for life-altering changes. (Perhaps for more on that refer to my recent book, "Becoming a Superhero: A Pocket Guide to a Life Like David".)

Hurricanes That Prophesy: Harvey, Irma, Maria and Jose

As creation itself groans and travails with birth pains and longing to see the revealing of the sons and daughters of God (Rom. 8), I believe that there is a message to be extracted from the four big storms/hurricanes of this past month. Four great hurricanes made themselves known to the United States over a very short period preceding the spiritually important days, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

• HARVEY (Harvest Anointing, Finances and Glory)

Previously, I have already shared how I believed that Harvey was foretelling a great harvest that will soon, so relentlessly flood us, that it will be the news of the day. Harvey was hailed as a rare "once in every 1000 year flood" with the much reported "50 inches" of precipitation being mentioned. 50 is the number of Jubilee, but it is also a number that speaks of the Holy Spirit, as it was 50 days after Calvary that the Holy Spirit broke out in the book of Acts. The word "Pentecost" in fact means "50 days."

I've also shared how I was shown at AzusaNow last year that a very great angel named Harvey (for Harvest Glory) was released to bring game-changer results in various ways. This hurricane further foretold this great angel's release. The name Harvey means "battle worthy." This angel has perfect understanding of the warring atmosphere he is coming into, and he is ready to function in a "war zone." He will be used to empower ministries such as Joel Osteen's from Houston, but his assignment is much beyond that, as it will affect global matters in both ministerial and financial matters.

We don't pray to Harvey, nor get overly distracted by Harvey, but we are to know that a major Kingdom asset has been released at a new level. Harvest anointing, finances and glory are going to rain until it is the news of the day. This, the first of the mega hurricanes of 2017, made landfall through Corpus Christi, which means "the Body of Christ." This means it is the focal point for Heaven's intervention, as well as the gateway that allows both life and destruction to be released into society. The gateway of the Body of Christ has been releasing both blessings, as well as some things that are not such a blessing. (Photo via Wikipedia)

• IRMA (Mighty Women Released)

Over ten years ago, prophet Bob Jones had a visitation from what he assumed were angels, but they called themselves "beings." They announced themselves as "beings" that hadn't been around since 1936. One heavenly being was named Charley and the other was named Irma. Charley means "manly and courageous." The greater story was about Irma.

When he first saw Irma, Bob said that she was very short and thin and about 3 feet tall. When he saw her again, she was now normal height and was also carrying a loaf of hot bread. Bob shared how he was shown that Irma, being 3 feet tall, had to do with how women in leadership were being viewed in the Body of Christ, but that a great change was coming where women would be seen at the height they were supposed to be seen at. The hot bread represented the great teaching and revelation that would now come to the Body through an expanded appreciation of God through women. Charley told Bob that, "They would return"—and Irma's coming was associated with a powerful release on women.

What is very interesting is that Irma showed up as essentially the most powerful Atlantic hurricane in history and then made landfall in southwest Florida. The Weather Channel noted that it was following the basic path of Hurricane Charley from years ago. It is quite remarkable that Bob Jones saw these two heavenly beings years ago with names that would be given to two powerful hurricanes, and that these two hurricanes would come into the USA through Florida. Irma means "sister" in Portuguese and Florida means "blossoming" in Spanish.

It is time for the "sisters" to blossom into all the full-stature greatness God has called them into. It is also of great interest that perhaps the most gifted, anointed woman of the last hundred years (if not in our nation's history) was Aimee Semple McPherson, who was at the height of her influence leading up to 1936, and was regularly referred to as "sister." Despite unimaginable enemies both within and without the Church, she turned Hollywood and Los Angeles, as well as the whole nation, upside down.

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Her popularity equaled or surpassed that of the presidents, Babe Ruth, Knute Rockne, and all Hollywood actors and actresses. Her reach and impact was much more than a cursory study of history will tell you, and it extended into every area of society. There is a significant part of her approach that must be recovered, because she brought God to the front stages, platforms, and media outlets of the world—and she did it in a distinctly feminine and creative way, yet full of the Holy Spirit and power.

As I am writing this word, I am flying back to Los Angeles from Cuba, where God did some destiny-defining things for that battered and beleaguered island nation. Hurricane Irma pounded Cuba for hours, severely damaging over 200,000 homes in an already desperately poor nation, before coming across into Florida. Even as I was leaving Cuba, I heard in the spirit that a forthcoming counter "revolution" in Cuba is going to be spearheaded by women who are not going to be silent anymore. They will demand a new reality for their nation. I see a great uprising of women saying NO MAS or no more, as they not only reject the failed socialism of their land, but also the failed machismo that has also ruled through that "revolution."

"A NEW WAY or door has been birthed."

I was profoundly touched as my taxi driver to the Havana airport began weeping profusely and unashamedly for the last thirty minutes of our ride, telling of life in Cuba and saying, "We just can't take it much longer. We used to be able to joke about life here, but it is now too painful to do even that." Even as Irma hit Cuba as a most powerful CAT 5 Hurricane, I believe winds are gathering to unleash the voice of powerful women into that nation. I met with a few hundred ministers while in Cuba, and I was able to prophesy to them that a very great angel of transformation had just been released over Cuba, and that he has been assigned to pull Cuba through an intense 7-year period where she would become a "sheep nation." Cuba will be a diadem in His crown.

• MARIA (Harvesting Bitter Words)

Maria was another CAT 5 monster storm that did most of its damage in the Caribbean, specifically devastating US Territory, Puerto Rico. Power grid disruptions are expected to go on an incredible 4 to 6 months. Maria then came into Florida bringing record flooding as far up as Jacksonville and Charleston, South Carolina, also bringing the first Tropical Storm warning ever into Atlanta, Georgia.

I think part of Maria's message is the same as Irma's, as the first four letters of each are the same but only in different order. Furthermore, it is a Spanish name and that speaks especially to the Hispanic population, as I mentioned regarding Cuba. But I also believe there is additional revelation. Among the definitions of Maria is "bitterness" or "sea of bitterness"—as well as "obstinacy."

I have released recent words stating how we, as the Body, must arise as ministers of reconciliation to cancel the extreme vitriol that is in the air at this time. Life and death is truly in the power of the tongue and our "global emissions" of unrestrained inflamed opinions has to be tempered. If we understand the micro, tiny "quantum world" everything is connected and nothing truly happens in a vacuum. When we, as the Body of Christ, seed the second heavens with quarrelsome and racially insensitive/divisive conversation, it at some point can become the fuel for disasters and tragedies that look like judgments. I shared before how I believe part of the fuel for Harvey's stalled system over the Gulf of Mexico was the Gulf WITH Mexico. There are consequences when the Church doesn't release the antidote for that which Leviathan/Apollyon is spewing through his media assault.

I am now writing this part two days after the horrific Vegas shooting, where the other big news of the day was that Tom Petty suddenly died of an apparent heart attack. Only as a prophetic message and not intended to impugn the famous rocker, it was Elizabeth who noted that it was time for "petty things" to die. Again, I liked Tom Petty and his music, but there is, I believe, a message from the timing of his passing on. Though his big hit "I won't back down" had a catchy appeal to it, it is time to "back down" from some of our "obstinacy" and inflammatory rhetoric.

I think we keep misreading what God is okay with. Yes, He put one (Trump) called to surface things, through his direct language, into the White House, yet his assignment is not our assignment. We need to stop singing the "I won't back down" song as it is holding on to petty grievances that build up and have consequences. We are fueling the political spirit and a spirit of racism by our refusal to embrace the love model of 1 Corinthians 13 in our interactive dynamics. Engaging in the 7 mountains is NOT about embracing the political spirit, which is a demon and already operates in the mountain of government; but it's about bringing Kingdom presence and solutions into a much needed sphere of society. Christian activism is only good if it is representative of Christ.

• JOSE (Economic Addition Coming)

Jose was a very unique hurricane that also grew into a CAT 5 hurricane, and then just hung off the eastern coast of the United States seemingly forever, as it meandered in and out of coastal areas. From start to finish it existed for almost one full month. New York City received two days of wind and rain from Jose's band of showers. Jose, which means Joseph, "stalked" and washed the financial epicenter of the United States. I see a prophetic message in a Joseph wind and rain coming to affect Wall Street in a positive way. Joseph means "The Lord will add" and I do think that will be the end reality for Wall Street and our economic engine. Additionally, the "Josephs" who have been refined and prepared for such a time as this, will find their winds of favor overtaking lesser winds of resistance.

• JOSE AND MARIA (Another Jesus Movement)

I have to make a separate heading for the effect of Jose and Maria together. So ironic or not, Jose (Joseph) and Maria (Mary) closed out the category 5 hurricane season, ultimately coming together. Even as Joseph and Mary brought in the original "Jesus Movement" of the whole world, I believe these last storms are announcing the birthing of another "Jesus Movement." This "Jesus Movement" will spearhead not just revival, but reformation and the ensuing renaissance it leads to. This is why finances as well as spiritual dynamics are both being greatly affected. It is going to take resources to bring the Kingdom into society in a reforming and transforming way, and that will now accelerate.

Maria landed on Puerto Rico which means "Rich Port" (or door or gate). Maria speaks of an existing "sea of bitterness—but as in New Testament days, it was Maria (Mary) who said yes to carrying and birthing Jesus. Puerto Rico was already becoming a failed territory/state with 45% poverty and over 300,000 leaving the island for the US mainland in the last 6 years. Additionally, 80% of the infrastructure was in need not just of repair, but of overhaul.

Puerto Rico will now be overhauled with new infrastructure and building codes that will better storm-proof the territory and be a model for other island nations. The island remarkably has one-third of the people who are Charismatic/Pentecostal and a very high percentage of Believers. They were devastated and decimated, but they will experience an Isaiah 61 rebuilding that will, at last, have them truly represent their name. These storms have all been prophesying various pieces of a master puzzle that must be through the Holy Spirit, put together, to receive the instruction we are to receive at this important time of our history.

Final Word on the Hurricanes:
(Slave Trade Routes and "the Earth Disclosing Its Blood")

In a previous word, I also suggested witchcraft could have a role with the hurricanes and their destructive element. For more than 15 years, I have studied and observed the relationship between Atlantic hurricanes, witchcraft, and the slave trade routes. All the above mentioned hurricanes were formed off Cape Verde in West Africa. I have known for years that witchdoctors released essentially payback through the hurricanes that would cross the Atlantic on the same routes as the slave trade—that may have seen upwards of 10 million slaves thrown overboard. That is a lot of spilt blood. Curses do not alight without a cause. I am also aware that Cuba is the stronghold for the Santeria witchcraft that exists in virtually all Caribbean nations and islands.

Santeria began over 500 years by the slaves that were brought to the Caribbean by the Europeans. Yes, blacks were heavily involved in the front end of the slave trade in Africa as a form of decimating a conquered tribe, but it was the white European settlers and seamen that brought the slaves over. Santeria was, in essence, the religious cover for the slaves and their original Yoruba witchcraft that allowed them to exercise a "religion" with Catholic overtones. It was not so much a syncretism that valued Catholicism, but rather a survival strategy to allow them to continue to practice an original witchcraft.

Christopher Columbus was the first European to bring slavery to the Caribbean. In his writings, he also details the first reported hurricane in the Caribbean's history while he was at the Hispaniola island that holds Haiti and the Dominican Republic. It is not conclusive that there were no hurricanes before slavery, but there is also no proof that there were Atlantic hurricanes before slavery. It is something to consider. Is. 26:21 talks about the earth "disclosing its blood" and it being judgment. We and many others had done reconciliatory intercession back in the time of Katrina and the other great hurricanes (Wilma, Rita, etc.). For 12 years we have had no significant hurricanes hit us.

I think perhaps we regressed in the last couple of years with the racial animosity fomented, not just between black and white but also with the Hispanics. We really haven't regressed on racial matters, it is just that the next generation (black, white, Hispanic, etc.) is so ready for race to be a non-issue that they are finding any remnants of it that exists and demanding that it be done with forever. While they are doing so, it is exposing remnants in the previous generation and this has inflamed the rhetoric. There is a good and a bad to it all.

Hurricane Authority?

On a recent post, I also stated that I didn't really think we showed much authority over the hurricanes, though many insisted we did. I applaud us trying and there is no shame for anyone for attempting to take authority. We have to do this. However, gaining authority is something we step into as we resolve the justice or sin matters that are relevant. In Matt. 28:18, Jesus announced that He now had "all authority in Heaven and earth." Earlier in chapter 4, during the temptation of Jesus, satan had bragged of the authority that he (satan) had ("bow down and I will give you"). Jesus couldn't just claim authority because of His superior might, but had to atone with His own Blood the sin/justice matters. Then He had "all authority."  

Today we can take advantage of what Jesus did on the Cross by inviting Him into every sin matter to forgive and justify. However, just like in personal salvation, it is not automatic unless He is invited in. In other words, we are not just learning to exercise authority, we are learning to reconcile.

I do see amazing grace in that the loss of human life was unbelievably low for such devastating winds and rains, yet there were still around 200 deaths from the above mentioned storms. At last report, Harvey's toll was 77 deaths, but with an astronomical 150-180-billion-dollar rebuilding tag (Katrina was 120 B). Irma, which many claim we stopped in some way, killed 88 and caused damages of 55 billion dollars, which is still one of the most damaging hurricanes ever. That is not really stopping it. Furthermore, it devastated Cuba for days as a category 5 hurricane that totally destroyed over 10,000 homes and severely damaged 200,000 homes per a United Nations report. Cuba is 15% born again Christian, so our brothers and sisters were heavily hit. I heard and saw the stories of devastation when I was just there.

We can't really claim much victory with Maria, as she pummeled Dominica, the US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico, perhaps into third world status—unless and until we help rebuild. Between the storms, they caused over a staggering 300 billion dollars in damage. If we claim that was successfully exercising "spiritual authority" it is going to inhibit us even acknowledging we need to consider the legal sin/justice matters.

Let's advance not just with courage, but with wisdom and understanding. I believe a lack of complete reconciliation on past race/slavery matters combined with non-reconciliatory rhetoric across racial lines in the Body has our "walls" down, even while many look to a natural border wall to make us feel safe. Authority over storms can come back to us, I believe easily, with a little humility and with a little racial reconciliation effort between us. That always starts with "let each esteem the other better than themselves" as opposed to finger pointing.

Who Will Rebuild?

I also just read a report that said we are in an extreme shortage of manpower to do the monumental rebuilding task brought on because of these hurricanes. We are in need of hundreds of thousands of builders, roofers, painters, landscapers, carpenters, remodelers, etc. for the 300 billion dollar rebuild tag that we now have. Where are they going to come from?

We already are at historically low unemployment rates, so we just don't even have the manpower for this. At some point, someone is going to figure out that we need a multitude of the very Hispanics that we are trying to deport or impede from coming into America, ironically "to save American jobs." This might be a good place to embrace some humility that could improve racial relations.

The Wall Trump is Anointed to Build

I do believe that President Trump is a "Nehemiah" for America and he has a wall to build. However, I believe the wall he is called to build is much more significant than a border wall. As we have just seen with our Hurricanes, Charlottesville, Las Vegas, etc., we are vulnerable in a way that a border wall will not help. "The Wall" President Trump is called to build is a strong economy, a strong military, and a strong dependence on God to "bless America." He is doing those last three, and there are great enemy forces rising up such as in Nehemiah's day.

There is a "Sanballat and Tobiah" spirit that is extremely angry that Trump is seeking to make America great again (Neh. 2:10). As Neh. 6:5-13 shows, Nehemiah had to battle false reports and false prophets just like President Trump is having to do today. "Fake news" and "fake end times reports" are abounding, but they are all just that. They are distractions. Sanballat means "enemy in secret."

President Trump is battling secret agendas that are progressively being exposed as "draining the swamp" continues to unveil. As he continues to discover that which he was anointed to do, we, as the Body of Christ, need to stick to foundational Christian love, as that affords our nation its strongest wall of protection. There is common sense of border protection, but we are in no way impenetrable should we get a natural wall. The Lord still must be our Wall for true safety.

The New Hidden Way

I believe that the NEW WAY that has opened up for us in 5778 is a HIDDEN WAY. There are hidden or secret doors to this new way. I believe many are about to experience surprising developments as the Lord, in essence, shocks us by showing us new doors and new ways to do what we are called to do. The hidden doors are often low doors but they lead to great new open destiny fields. We have to go lower to go higher. These "low doors" are embracing humble and reconciliatory positions. We do have to "back down" in many instances—not from the enemy, but from high-minded positions of strength and self-confidence. The secret doors have several contexts to them, but there being "a new way" is going to be a theme of the year.

I have also seen that many are going to be surprisingly led by the Lord to new spheres or mountains of operation, as God is cleverly outwitting the enemy. Many are about to step into opportunities that are clearly God, but they weren't prophesied over you, nor did you prepare for them. They just divinely opened up. This allows you to step into a place where the enemy has not planned a disruption against you moving forward, and his lack of legitimate opposition is going to allow you to spiritually achieve great things.

The enemy has overplayed his hand all across the board and God is going to "trump" him not just with a president, but with His people in every area of society. The enemy is going to be thinking he holds the high cards and that he knows all the options against him, but he is then going to be shocked at who and how God trumps him in hand after hand. Breakout and breakaway revival, as well as reformation leading to a wholesale renaissance, is about to be our present day reality, as we find the new hidden way guarded by the new hidden doors.

He is calling us UP, but the way there is going to often be hidden. You won't miss your door if you embrace humility. Women are going to be key doors. Minorities are going to be key doors. People different than us are going to be key doors. Weak, small, foolish things are going to access key doors. The Kingdom of God is like a treasure hid in the field and these great treasures are going to be discovered. The Kingdom of God on earth is about to be the observable big story of our day. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

Johnny Enlow
Johnny and Elizabeth


Johnny Enlow is a social reformer, international speaker, spiritual mentor, and author of The Seven Mountain Prophecy, The Seven Mountain Mantle, and Rainbow God. He and his wife Elizabeth are focused on awakening individuals to their call to provide practical solutions from the heart of God for every problem in society – until the real God of all of life is displayed in the seven primary areas of culture in all nations: Media, Arts and Entertainment, Government, Family, Religion, Economy, and Education.

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