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Ben Peters: "Unexpected Benefits of the Revolutionary Trump Presidency"

Ben Peters
Feb 3, 2017

Steve ShultzFrom the desk of Steve Shultz:

Dear Elijah List Readers,

Never in my life have I been this excited about the future. God has been listening to our prayers and many intercessory bowls in Heaven have been filled and are now being poured out as ANSWERS TO PRAYERS.

Of course we must always remind ourselves and others that President Trump is not our Savior. Jesus Christ is. But God has both appointed and anointed President Trump to take the reins during the time and season when many of God's prophets are hearing words such as:


• The Greatest Awakening of All Time.

• More miracles than at any time in History.

• The Time for GREATER WORKS than Christ, as HE PROMISED!

This article is that it details HOW many things will now change before our eyes because of who is now sitting in the highest office in the land. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List go here.)

Enjoy! And thanks for forwarding this to your friends! They can subscribe here.
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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
The Elijah List & Breaking Christian News

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People voted for President Donald Trump for a number of good reasons. There was border security, war on terror, economy and jobs. Many of us saw the Supreme Court as a supreme reason to elect him. He also promised to protect Christian rights, which have been under fire.

But let me now predict some other benefits that you may not have thought of yet. Some things I will share come from prophetic sources other than myself. Some of them come from personal insights. But I feel strongly that it's time to share these truths with God's people, and let God get all the glory. 

With a Kingdom-friendly administration, led by many Kingdom-minded department heads, such as in education, energy, state department, etc., God is going to use these people to bring changes in attitudes and belief systems. Along with a powerful move of God's Holy Spirit bringing another Great Awakening, we will see God's involvement in every sphere of society in ways we've never seen in our life-times. There will actually be a significant reversal of the moral values decline we have seen for many decades. 


God will answer the prayers of His intercessors, who have prayed fervently for many years in Houses of Prayer, in Church prayer meetings, in anointed conferences and in individual bedrooms or living rooms. He will have a multi-faceted strategy. For one thing, He will use the Biblical principle that says, "It's the goodness of God that leads you to repentance" (see Romans 2:4).  He will also use crises and dangerous situations to bring many people to call upon His name.

I also do believe that God, in His infinite wisdom, has kept the prayers of the Saints in His heavenly vessels until the appointed time, in which He will answer them. In doing this, He will send multitudes of angels on assignment to shift the atmosphere across America and the world.

There will also be a trickle-down effect from the top cabinet members, who will appoint more Believers under them in leadership positions. This will trigger more success and prosperity as they collectively seek God for wisdom, which He will grant. (Photo via Pixabay)

As the economy picks up people will have a more positive attitude towards the government and its leaders. They will recognize the spirit of wisdom on them. This will make them more inclined to believe what they have to say, creating a great platform for them to talk about their beliefs and convictions.

In addition, and this will be huge, God will release divinely inspired technologies to bless His Kingdom, Israel, America and the world we live in. This will give a powerful evangelistic opportunity to Christians who have been given scientific secrets. This will send shock waves into the scientific and academic world.


I believe there will be a mega-shift taking place in science and education, as the testimony of the inventors of new technologies get major airtime on TV, the internet and all other media available. They will declare that these technologies came from God the Creator speaking to them, rather than from their own intellect or scientific training. It will cause a major shaking and quaking, causing scientists with intellectual integrity to take a closer look at Creation Science and abandon their faith in the theory of evolution. Our public schools and universities will actually begin to present alternate views to evolution and students will be encouraged to think for themselves on the issue. 

I remember years ago writing some letters to the editor exposing some obvious problems in the theory of evolution. I got the information from a seminar on the subject. After the letter was posted, I learned from a high school teacher in our church that one of the other teachers was really shaken by the information and had lost a lot of sleep, realizing that what he had believed was not possible based on scientific evidence. This is going to happen on a much larger scale.


Scientists, many of whom will become Believers, will also begin to acknowledge that there is no denial that human life begins at conception. The courts, will shift under the Trump administration to uphold this viewpoint. The pro-abortion support will weaken and the pro-life support will grow. State laws, restricting or eliminating abortions will be upheld by a new Supreme Court.

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Israeli and Christian Relations

Some major technologies will become a huge blessing to the nation of Israel. They will know that these blessings are coming from Christians, who humbly acknowledge the tragic errors of former Christian leaders from the early Dark Ages and more recently. The Jews, who have been taught to hate Christians and their religious beliefs, will begin to listen more and more until there is a great wave of acceptance of Jesus as their Messiah.


The strategy of those Muslims, who believe in conquering the world for their "Messiah," is always to infiltrate and multiply until they have enough power to take over by force. But there is one thing they have not taken into account in America. There is another Great Awakening coming, greater than anything America has ever seen. This will catch many Muslim leaders by surprise. Some will convert, as will huge numbers of their people.

There will be a reaction and somewhat of a civil war going on, with some being martyred by radical Muslims. This will actually expose those who are extreme radicals and allow law enforcement to arrest and incarcerate them. The Islamification of America will grind to a halt and more and more former Muslims will integrate into American life and become a huge blessing to our society.

Family Values and Sexuality

Restoring foundational Biblical and moral norms in America may be the toughest to accomplish. The alternative lifestyle folk want more power, not less. They have been working for decades at eroding resistance to their sexual revolution, and have made radical gains under the Obama administration. But God will place godly and honest men and women in positions of authority and in science and education, that will find constitutional ways to reverse the belief systems that now permeate our society, including the belief that people are "born that way" and can't help it. Coupled with a major spiritual awakening, the shift back to the foundational principles of family life will take place, probably with lots of opposition, but it must happen.

Entertainment and Media

The changes discussed above will be reflected in the type of entertainment that people will produce and want to watch. Pornographic media will begin to lose its popularity. More clean and even Biblical movies and TV shows will be introduced and become very successful. Very quickly media will shift from being very anti-Christian to becoming pro-Christian.

News media will also begin to shift as the Awakening begins to impact those in control. Left-wing media will decrease and truth-seeking media will increase. Those perverting the news will be shunned by consumers and lose their collective voice. People will be so excited about miracles taking place in huge religious rallies that they will have to talk about it to keep viewers tuned in. (Photo via Wikimedia Commons)

The Church

President Trump has promised to remove the "Johnson Amendment," which punishes Church leaders for speaking out on political issues. This, along with their fear of losing their members, has silenced too many pastors and ministry leaders. The Awakening is going to give them the courage of their convictions that they have lacked in the past, and they will boldly proclaim the ways of God when it comes to subjects like abortion, sexuality, other religions, etc., where it has been politically incorrect to talk about these matters. 

At the same time, the Church will truly learn to love and not judge or condemn. Their hearts will be warm to all sinners who desire to be free from their bondages. There will also be many watchmen raised up with the gift of Discerning of Spirits, who will recognize those who are sent from the enemy and they will have authority like Peter and Paul to bring divine discipline to them. It will once again result in people having a healthy fear and respect for the Church of the Living God.

Evangelism and missions will flourish and the Great Commission will finally be fulfilled as Jesus intended. 

Business and Finance

The new inventions and technologies given to Christians will be used to finance the great harvest to fulfill the Great Commission. Businesses owned by Christians will flourish as fellow Believers feel led to support and empower them. Great philanthropy will take place and Christians will once again be known for their love and compassion. There will be great resistance to Christian business leaders from those who own and control the world's wealth, but God will transfer their wealth to His people, and the more they fight, the more they will lose.

The Ultimate Blessing

The greatest benefit from this revolutionary convergence of good news will be the fact that millions of souls are added to the Kingdom of Heaven on the earth. It will be a great harvest of souls that will bless our Father with a multitude of loving children. It will also bless our Bridegroom with a great increase in the number of those who make up His bride. It will also bless the Holy Spirit with a more wonderful and holy temple in which to dwell. Great days are ahead.

One More Thing

To accomplish all these blessings, there will be a major challenge from a very angry enemy. As fierce and angry opposition is raised to hinder Trump's policies and appointments from being empowered, so also the battles will rage in Christian lives to discourage and hinder us from achieving our divine victory.

But this will only increase the level of intercession of God's people and this powerful prayer revival will become the bridge that leads us to a new place of prophetic power and authority over our enemy. It's just a matter now of pressing on and fighting the powers of the air that try to hinder us. Our renewed prayers and intercession will actually release the hosts of Heaven to come to assist us in building God's Kingdom on the earth.

It's a great time to be alive and serving our King!!! (To Subscribe to the Elijah List go here.)

Ben R. Peters
Kingdom Sending Center


Ben and Brenda Peters have said "YES" to the call of God to challenge, equip, and send dedicated lovers of Jesus into the harvest fields of the earth, including the seven mountains of society. Together they have ministered to tens of thousands of individuals in several countries of the world. After establishing and serving churches and Christian schools for almost thirty years, they began a traveling ministry in September 1999 under the name Open Heart Ministries. This ministry consisted mainly of speaking, teaching, preaching, and prophesying in conferences, camps, retreats, churches, ministry schools, and homes.

More recently, they also founded an Illinois-based ministry called Kingdom Sending Center after hearing a clear word from God during a Heidi Baker meeting in Chicago. Ben began writing revelatory books in 2000, and has published 23 of them since then. His newest book is THE KINGDOM BUILDING CHURCH – Experiencing the Explosive Potential of the Church in Kingdom Building Mode. Ben and Brenda now live near Sacramento, California, close to most of their five children and twelve grandchildren.

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