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Stephen Powell: "The Eagle Has Landed: God is Awakening Governmental Prophetic Authority"

Stephen Powell
Nov 21, 2016

Steve ShultzFrom the desk of Steve Shultz:

During this election in America (and indeed overseas in other nations recently), God’s prophets came through.

They came through with a unified, focus, clear sound of a Trumpet (pardon the pun), stating categorically what GOD was saying and who HE was saying is the next President.

It might seem like our job, as prophetic people is over, but NO! Our job has ONLY JUST BEGUN!

You may be surprised at the maturity and revelatory gifting from such a young prophet as Stephen Powell. He is indeed a great prophetic voice and also an excellent writer. Many are great "hearers" of God but to be able to also write out in clear fashion what you have heard...this is quite rare.

Enjoy this word and be encouraged about the mountain of tasks the Lord has yet for His prophets, both young and old. But YOU’RE GOING TO LOVE IT!!

And as Stephen Powell exhorts here: KEEP PRAYING without ceasing. The enemy has more tricks up his sleeve to ATTEMPT to thwart this election and the peace it is bringing. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List go here.)

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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Something has changed in our nation in relation to the Church's authority in the worldly system, and this change will continue as we step forward into the unfolding destiny of our nation.

With the monumental victory of Donald Trump—our Cyrus, "Chaos Candidate"—a spiritual shock-wave has gone out across the nation and both the positive and the negative reactions are being felt and experienced. But let not your hearts be troubled, Saints! As God has begun a good work, He will finish it. We just have to continue to walk with Him in agreement, praying and staying engaged in this direction from the Lord for our great nation. Here are some words from the Lord based on visions I've seen and words spoken to my spirit.
The Eagle Has Landed, Now The Prophet Will Soar

The day after Trump's election, I saw two peacocks come together as one mighty bird. Then this massive bird took off into the air with an incredible sound of power, while a large eagle landed on the ground at the same time. I then heard the voice of the Lord boom from the heavens and say, "The Eagle has landed and now the prophet will soar."
I believe the eagle landing represents God securing the presidency in the Cyrus anointing; which God's candidate, Donald John Trump, has accomplished with the help of this movement. The double portion peacock is the double portion seer prophetic anointing being released in the nation right now. This anointing is for the nation, and is being offered to the nation, to be received like never before. Prophetic authority is rising in our land and will influence our government in increasing ways moving forward.

God is offering Heaven's Intel to governments in the nations, including our own. This prophetic authority will pierce the news media establishment as well as the entertainment mountain like we've never seen. This will continue to weaken the anti-Christ spirit's hold on these establishments and thus the entire nation, even the mind of the nation.

The media is largely responsible for poisoning people against God and His ways, even conditioning them to resist the ever-increasing rise of Christ's tangible Kingdom. Make no mistake about it, the current anarchist uprising of sleight, hatred, and violence is demonic, and it must be met with strength and be subdued and quailed. (Photo via Wikimedia Commons)

I was told more than a month ago that the enemy was planning civil war. He had many paths to accomplishing this, and he's seeking to increase the depth of that current path until it becomes an inescapable gulf which denies the country any other direction. Pray, pray, pray, Saints, and stay engaged at whatever level you can civilly. And remember, our greatest weapon against the spirit of anti-Christ is the love of God!

Governmental Authority is Being Added to America's Prophetic Ministry

There is a major shift occurring right now not just in the nation, but in the Church as well. It's already begun, but the Lord says that it will increase as we walk through this next season of glory. This shift is of governmental glory. The government of Heaven and the governments of many nations are being aligned in an increased measure; and this will bring forth, what I call, financial glory for the Church and an unprecedented release of harvest in all of the mountains of influence! This is happening in America Saints, and I believe that of the increase of this governmental glory there shall be no end in our land!

Formerly in Israel, when a man went to inquire of God, he spoke thus: "Come, let us go to the seer", for he who is now called a prophet was formerly called a seer. (1 Sam. 9:9)

This is the first place the seer is mentioned in the Bible, and with its first mention is also included a revelation of its functional upgrade to prophet. Before, the role was in obscurity, having never been named until this point; but its real definition came with the rise of Heaven's government in Israel.

The seer became the prophet because of the apostolic authority that was added to the office; and these seers became advisors to the kings of Israel—shaping the direction and destiny of the entire nation, yea, even history itself.

We've reached another key Kingdom governmental shift in the US (and therefore Israel and the earth) in which the prophetic authority of the Church will play a greater role in shaping the destiny of the nations under the reign of Christ.

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Just as the seer function came out of obscurity into the forefront of directing national destiny, so is this happening for the prophetic ministry of America, which has been prepared for many decades for this moment. During Samuel's administration, the seers came to the forefront and started to anoint the kings who would emerge from that time on. The Lord says, "The prophetic ministry will continue to anoint America's leaders moving forward just as they anointed Trump in this election, but their voice and authority shall grow."

The Voice and Authority Shall Grow

Right as the Lord spoke this to me today in a vision, I received by text message a link to an article by USA TODAY. The headline read "Meet The Evangelicals Who Prophesied A Trump Win!" In it, Rick Joyner, Jorge Parrott, and Lance Wallnau are mentioned. It's absolutely amazing because the writer of the article essentially says that when the pollsters got it wrong, the prophets got it right.

I believe this was an absolute validation and confirmation to this word. The prophetic voice in America absolutely affected the outcome of this election in significant ways. I believe that is evident when considering the data that has come out since election night.

Analysis shows that there were more evangelicals that turned out to vote for Trump than we have seen voting for any other candidate in decades. I believe that God mobilized the Church to take responsibility for the direction for our nation, and I believe this was largely because of the prophetic authority which rang out through the Body from leaders like the ones mentioned above.

Even ministries like The Elijah List, who specialize in releasing an ongoing stream of representation for the voice of God in the Church, may have just experienced their most timely and significant ministry season in their history. These "Prophetic Press" organizations, as I call them, came together in strength and fearlessly released the Word of the Lord, despite the atmosphere of confusion and controversy surrounding God's man, Donald Trump.

Prophetic Justice

The basic idea behind the modern-day prophetic is simply to hear the voice of God and understand His heart for His People. When we hear we see, and when we see as God sees we understand as He understands. This is the wonderful working of the Spirit of Wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him (Eph. 1:17). God's prophetic people are beginning to hear, to see, and to understand God's heart of justice for this nation in this hour. "The anointing of the fear of the Lord will rise in this hour and accomplish this, says the Lord." (Photo via Flickr)
There has been a wonderful release of the anointing of the fear of the Lord in our nation; and with this will come amazing righteousness and justice, and the Church is going to lead in this anointing, even with the fiery prophetic witness which God gives!

Look for great strides to be made in restoring the Constitution, restoring religious liberty and protection of our faith under law, in this next season. Also look for there to be a strong anointing released to protect and save the innocent and the children in our country. The fear of the Lord is a fountain of life which provides a place of refuge for the children (Prov. 14:26-27). Look for God to cover this nation with His feathers, even for the covering and protection of the innocent and the children under law in this nation once again.
"Those who would harm these little ones, says the Lord, it would be better for you to tie a millstone around your neck and throw yourself into the waters; for you will not be able to hide from My justice as I release it on the wings of the fear of the Lord in the days to come.

"I will be a Terror to terror, a Force against evil, a hindrance to wickedness, a plague against those who would bring harm to these innocent ones, says the Lord. You will not find a place to hide, a place to cover yourself, in my renaissance of justice, if you harm My little ones says the Lord.

"You will flee across the sea from whence you came. You will find no shelter, no harbor for your wickedness in My nation of liberty and justice for all, says the Lord. You will run for I will chase you, because I will not rest day nor night, until all of My little ones are safe in this land, says the Lord.

"My prophets will speak and expose your ways, and My arm of justice will be extended in this land, to take hold of the syndicates, to take hold of the rings, to take hold of the cartels, the traffickers—even the power brokers. Their evil shall not breathe. I will snuff out their funds, I will capture back their wealth, turn the flow of their riches for the poor, the widow and for those in need. I will send you back from whence you came, watch and see, watch and see."
This is the word of the Lord. So let it be established. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List go here.

Stephen Powell
Lion of Light Ministries


Stephen Powell is an Itinerant Minister commissioned under Steve Toliver of "Abundance of Rain Ministries", and is an Associate Revivalist through "Fresh Fire Ministries" under Todd Bentley. When he was a teenager God began to visit Stephen in powerful encounters in the Secret Place during extended seasons of fasting and prayer which has released a deep and tangible anointing in his life! Stephen's passion is to perpetuate revival culture where ever he goes and continue to walk in greater demonstrations of intimacy, power and glory with Jesus! He currently resides in Fort Mill, South Carolina with his wife and four children, and serves on Todd Bentley's Senior Apostolic Board.

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