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Andy Sanders: "This Fall: Bridges of Most Unusual Connections Are Starting"

by Andy Sanders
Sep 3, 2016

Steve ShultzFrom the desk of Steve Shultz:

This is a very unique word about the "unusual" bridges and connections coming across the Body of Christ. I really enjoyed reading this by Andy Sanders in which he shares:

Remember, bridges of most unusual proportions are upon us now, and they will bring about some of the most unusual connections we have ever heard of. But seriously, I can't fully write how the word unusual will begin to play out this fall in so many ways—but this is a good unusual! It's as if God decided to save the best for last in 2016. What you thought couldn't or wouldn't be, now will be!

I would encourage you to open up your heart to the Lord, pray into this word, and watch how He brings people who you least expect...and connect them into your life's relationships and ministries.

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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Small Lights Moving Throughout America

Aerial views—you've heard of them before. Most of us have seen them ourselves. A short time ago, while walking into the kitchen area of our home, I went directly into an aerial-view vision of the northeastern part of the United States.

Then the picture changed from an overview of the northeast as the distance between the Earth and me became shorter and shorter and Earth was now right before my face. As I zoomed through the clouds and could now view of the surface of the Earth, I noticed that there were little canopies of lights that looked like candles beneath soft white veils, moving rather quickly all over the northeast region on wooden bridges going in every direction.

I was able to see from the northeast down into Florida and then all over parts of the country. The light canopies were essentially Christians moving all over the land by means of sturdy wooden bridges. While perceiving this, I realized that this wasn't just another aerial view; it was a bold declaration of what we are about to walk into within the U.S. and other countries this fall.

What is this phenomenon? Simple: extremely unusual but divinely appointed connections—doors and paths with people we wouldn't ever think would happen. They are peculiar pathways that bring about God-changing moments into our everyday lives.

As the lights moved from one part of the bridge to the other side, it appeared that the wooden bridges had been created solely for the divine connections, for that sovereign moment. God overwrote any obstacles that satan could throw at the Believer's path by using the bridge. What the enemy would hate more than anything on earth right now is for Believers to all unite and advance. (Photo via Pixabay)

With that type of forward momentum coupled with the speed and capabilities of digital media, the world and our country could be changed instantly! It isn't a political banner that unites us right now but the Lord's banner that must fly high above our lives. When His banner unifies us, all other banners rest properly in place. Come together as one!

Bridged by Hope

He shot His arrows and scattered the enemy, with great bolts of lightning He routed them. The valleys of the sea were exposed and the foundations of the earth laid bare at Your rebuke, Lord, at the blast of breath from Your nostrils. He reached down from on high and took hold of me; He drew me out of deep waters. Psalm 18:14-16, NIV

A look further revealed that these wooden bridges, all built the same, were different lengths. Some were connecting people from state to state, all the way across the country, and then to other parts of the world. Other connections stayed right within their communities and states.

Beneath these intriguing wooden bridges sat many valleys, perilous areas, and dangerous cliffs that overlooked rough, turbulent waters. The bridges were transcendentally taking Believers from point A to point B, bypassing traps that had been orchestrated by satan—now deposed by the Lord. Imagine the impact of a region if only one hundred Believers took a unified step this fall, moving out on the bridge of unusual connections. The magnitude would be global!

The muck that has surrounded your feet, slowing you down, will become solid ground that you will walk up and out of once and for all. The quicksand that you accidentally stepped in will no longer sink your life but will become a stepping stone into your future. The misunderstood trail or path that you once stepped on that led you into a deep, dark forest of dissolution will become a straight path with the shining light of the Lord penetrating through the dense forest.

Bright lights will shine on your path coming this fall. Believe for spiritual and financial momentum in your life. The recent delays were satan's bait—a futile attempt to get you to speak curses rather than blessings. Speak forth, step on the bridge, and plunge into fresh momentum this fall. The one who once feared now leaps in faith, and the doubter now steps in confidence.

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Why Not Golden Bridges?

I realized that these were well-constructed, walk-across wooden bridges—the kind you see suspended over a steep valley from one trail to the next. They were not for the weak at heart but for the faith-infused. Many will stumble upon unexpected bridges that appear to be of humble significance, but once they have crossed over, discoveries of hidden treasure with eternal value will emerge.

It isn't so much about the value of the earthly possessions that God is bridging with us (although some will discover it); instead, it is the value of lifelong and divinely appointed relationships or connections. It is like Charles Finney meeting Daniel Nash. The footpaths that appeared so minuscule will become the monumental highways of life.

The Other Side of the Bridge

As she stood behind Him at His feet weeping, she began to wet His feet with her tears. Then she wiped them with her hair, kissed them and poured perfume on them. Luke 7:38, NIV

When I think of the other side of the bridge, I am quickly reminded of what it is like to be in the presence of Jesus, realizing just how gracious, forgiving, and amazingly good He is. The prostitute realized it and couldn't hold back the tears. The other side of the bridge brings us to the pinnacle of God's faithfulness, something I think we too often take for granted. It's like a lost pet returning to the child or a distant grandmother holding her grandchildren for the first time—this is imagery I see waiting beyond the bridge.

A new depth of spiritual understanding will now be at our feet, right within reach of our horizons. Some of the most unusual connections between people that I believe I have ever observed will actually blend. It is a supernatural chemistry that works beyond the limits of our color, culture, convictions and DNA. If you were to put some of these individuals who are about to be connected to each other into a room together right now, nobody would guess that they would even talk to each other. (Photo via flickr)

Remember, these are connections of most unusual proportions. They are the wealthy finding the solution through the homeless or poor, yet they spent a fortune seeking prior results. These are the hate groups of our country finding God and then loving those they once despised. They are unique personality types who are being overlooked for the "good of the whole" of having the Gospel sent forth. Extremely unique groups are coming together to surprise the Kingdom and the world.

Former spiritual parents will come back around to their spiritual children who had once been hurt or wounded, bringing fixed relationships for good. Mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters who were once unable to speak to each other are getting on these bridges and crossing over to the other side—a territory called forgiveness. Ministries that were once on opposite ends of the spectrum are sovereignly uniting and working together for the first time.

Remember, bridges of most unusual proportions are upon us now, and they will bring about some of the most unusual connections we have ever heard of. But seriously, I can't fully write how the word unusual will begin to play out this fall in so many ways—but this is a good unusual! It's as if God decided to save the best for last in 2016. What you thought couldn't or wouldn't be, now will be!

Unusual bridges are being placed before you this fall. Step on up, believe, and cross over! Brag on God once you make it to the other side!

But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it. Matthew 7:14,NIV

Andy Sanders
5 Fold Media, LLC


Andy Sanders had an encounter with God just before his high school graduation that altered his life forever. He has since devoted his time to preaching the Gospel, writing, and developing authors. He co-authored the Capturing the Supernatural series ( Andy has a BA from Central Bible College and carries a masters and doctorate in Christian education from Freedom Seminary, graduating with honors. His family resides in Syracuse, NY.

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